Among the many great things about Sydney is its centrality for starting a road trip around NSW. Sure, it’s far east but in terms of north and south it’s smack dab in the middle, making it a great starting point to visit some of the places that start with ‘A’ on this NSW ‘A’dventure. So sort your car rental in Sydney and get those wheels on the tarmac!


Found in the high plains of the Snowy Mountains, Adaminaby is a great place to visit if you’re into outdoor activities. Fishing, bush  walking, skiing, horse riding and more is available in this sweet little town.

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It’s a place where the climate hits all four of the seasonal beats – mild summers, clear-blue-skied autumns, white winters, and daffodil-laden springs. There’s even a heritage trail you can follow that will show you all the historic and interesting sights about the town.

Ariah Park

Visiting Ariah Park is like stepping back in time. The 1920s heritage village sprung up in response to the arrival of the railway in 1906, a time that proved to be its heyday. The railway spawned many a town along its length, with social and sporting rivalries existing between the communities dotted along the Burley Griffin Way that connects Canberra to Griffith.

It’s the heart of the surrounding rural community, one that still produces cereals, oilseeds, wool, beef and pigs. It’s an appropriately named place too – the word ‘Ariah’ is Wiradjuri word that means hot and dry (which it is).

Fun fact – The star pig of the film “Babe” was born and raised in Ariah Park!


The Murray River has many attractions along its banks, and Albury is one of them. The great thing about the city is that, once you’re there, it’s easily explorable on foot, which gives you the time to adapt to the slower pace and soak in the many historic buildings and sights.

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Strangely enough, it’s also home to the country’s only full-time circus school. Young performers aged 8-18 can join The Flying Fruit Circus to learn all the tricks their hearts desire.


The Australian gold rush of the 1880s saw many a person go absolutely bonkers in their efforts to find the precious metal. When a place that had plenty of the good stuff was found, it usually didn’t take long for a town to sprout up. This is what happened with Adelong.

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While the gold rush is long over, visitors to the town today can make their way through the Gold Mill ruins as they please. The stone ruins, reefer battery and surrounding structures are what remains of one of Australia’s most advanced ore-crushing mills of the time.

Agnes Banks

Agnes Banks is a small suburb of Sydney, that would be no more interesting than any other were it not for the story behind its name. If you thought it sounded like it could be your Gran, you’re almost right –  emancipated convict Andrew Thompson’s mother provided the suburb with its moniker. He was granted 278 acres of land on the banks of the Nepean River in 1804 and he decided his mother’s name would be a fitting moniker.

Hitting all these places in one road trip might be a stretch for even the best ‘a’dventurer. Thankfully, you can still enjoy them on their own. If you’re wanting more information on booking your rental car to get there, don’t hesitate to get in touch!