Queensland’s capital is famous for its sunny skies and warm weather activities, but what happens when you get caught in the rain this winter? Don’t waste your trip to Brisbane moping around under the weather. Check out these fun activities that you can do on a rainy day in Brisbane!

1. Visit a cat cafe

Nothing will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside like visiting a cat cafe. Brisbane’s Cat Cuddle Cafe and Lucky Cat Cafe are the perfect hangouts for any feline fanatics.

At the Cat Cuddle Cafe you can enjoy cat yoga, cat jenga or just cat cuddle time – it’s a cuteness overload. The Lucky Cat Cafe cafe offers a ‘cats and chill’ experience, where your new furry, purry friends will make you forget all about the miserable weather outside.

These cafes support rescue cats and kittens, for an extra dose of good feels.

2. Visit QAGOMA The Queensland Art Galley and Gallery of Modern Art is a must-see in Brisbane, so it’s the perfect place to retreat on a rainy day. You’ll be drawn into a world of dazzling permanent exhibitions as well as temporary collections that engage and challenge your mind. There is a focus on the contemporary art of Australia, Asia and the Pacific, but you don’t have to be an avid art lover to enjoy the gallery – many of the exhibitions incorporate history or social commentary into the pieces on show, making it an engaging experience.

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3. Check out Strike  Dust off your bowling shoes and get your competitive nature in gear for a day of bowling at Strike. You’ll forget all about the gloomy weather as the competition sizzles in the lanes. Strike isn’t just about bowling, though – there is a smorgasbord of ways to try and best your friends, from pool to laser tag, escape rooms, or even karaoke. You could easily spend a whole day competing against each other at all these activities. You’ll start to wish it rained more often!

4. Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the XXXX Brewery Find out more about one of Queensland’s oldest beer brands by taking a tour of the XXXX Brewery. The famous beer has been brewed here for 135 years, so this counts as a historical activity! On the tour you will find out how the brew got its mysterious name and how it’s made as well as see one of Brisbane’s best attractions up close. This is truly a journey of discovery as you learn more about an Aussie legend, and is topped off with instructions on how to pour the perfect XXXX – and taste it, of course. Take a sober driver with you – they can always take home some samples to try later!

5. Paint and sip Hop on the latest art craze to hit Brisbane – painting while drinking wine. Let your creativity flow as you ‘wine down’ with a glass of your favourite vintage. This experience is all about having fun and relaxing, so it’s the ideal way to spend a drizzly afternoon. With a glass of wine in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, you’ll be well on your way to creating a masterpiece (maybe). Brisbane now has two of these unique studios, Cork and Chroma and Brush and Barrel. If you do head along to one of these studios, make sure you have a designated driver to get you all home safely afterward.

6. Cosy up in a dive bar Brisbane has many hidden bars tucked away around the city, so on the next wet-weather day you can make it your mission to find some of them. The moody, low lighting and cosy atmosphere of Brisbane’s dive bars work perfectly with pattering rain. Grab a drink to warm you up and enjoy some live music at Sonny’s House of Blues, settle into a leather couch at Foxy Bean’s, or make a beeline for Brooklyn Standard in the CBD. As with any activity involving alcohol, make sure you have a sober driver along with you – they can still enjoy the full ambience of the hip bars.

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7. Board game cafes Board game cafes that seem custom-made for drizzly weather, so get set up with a warm beverage and your game of choice in Club Sosay. There are over 300 board games to choose from, so you can get lost in a fantasy saga or take on the property world in Monopoly. You’ll quickly lose track of time as you get wrapped up in the competition.

You don’t want to get your feet wet trekking around in the rain! Hire a car and get around Brisbane in warm, dry style.