No matter the type of road trip you’re undertaking, there are a few basics that hold true for every traveller. One is that you want to make the most of your adventure. Here are seven tips to read through before picking up your East Coast hire car to help you have a road trip like no other. 

1. Read up on the road rules 

Every country has different rules of conduct for their roads. Brushing up on them not only prevents you from worrying about making a mistake, but helps keep you safe on your journey. Don’t forget to take a look at the local rules before jumping into your hire car and heading out on your road trip adventure. 


2. Don’t pass it by

It’s rare that you get to do the same road trip twice. If something catches your eye on your journey, will you ever get the chance to give in to your curiosity around it again?

Of course, it’s important that you’re selective about what detours you take. However, sometimes it’s the unplanned experiences that become the highlights of your journey. Do you want to risk passing that by?

3. Talk to the locals

With the internet such a powerful tool it’s easy to fall back on using it to plan every inch of your road trip. However, all the reviews in the world can’t replace the insider knowledge of a local. 

Additionally, talking with the people who live along the route your travelling brings with it stories and interactions that are irreplaceable. Just like researching a place on the internet can never replace actually going there, apps and reviews will never give you the experiences gained by talking to friendly locals

4. Prepare a playlist

It’s an unspoken rule – no road trip is complete without a specially crafted playlist. For years into the future these songs will transport you back to the days where you drove along Australia’s East Coast in your hire car. 

Prepping a playlist in advance ensures you always have great music on hand, even should cell service give out on you. However, don’t rely solely on it. Local music on the radio can add to your road trip, as well as potentially introducing you to some great songs! Or take the chance to drive in silence. Sometimes music can blind you to the moment around you – instead of focusing on the lyrics of your favourite song let the scenery have your undivided attention. 

On a similar note, make sure you’re prepared with some great car games to keep everyone awake and laughing, even on those inevitable tired days that even the best road trips experience. 

5. Clean your car as you travel

When you’re on the road, it’s easy for a clutter of junk food wrappers, drink bottles and general travel mess to accumulate. Very quickly it can get out of hand. 

In close quarters, the mess can detract from the enjoyment of the journey, especially over the course of several weeks. For your own sanity, and to save you time and effort at the end of your trip, clear out your vehicle every couple of days. When you’re able to stretch out your legs, and there’s no old food smell to affront your nose, you’ll be grateful you made the effort!

6. Keep your plan loose

Half of the wonder of a road trip is not knowing quite where it’ll take you. Everyone has a different travel style, and the idea of not having every minute planned out might not appeal to some. However, if you can, leave freedom of movement in your itinerary. 

A good way to go about this is by identifying the essentials, and any time restraints involved with them. With these anchoring points you give your journey some structure, while allowing yourself the ability to detour along the way. 

7. Pack a map

In the age of satellite navigation, maps seem like ancient tools that are no longer necessary. However, cell service isn’t always available. 

The simple precaution of packing a map saves you in the moments where the digital age lets you down. Plus, there’s just something about unfolding one that adds something special to your road trip. As an additional bonus, mark out where you’ve been on the map, and even add comments to it. When you get home you’ve suddenly got a keepsake that you wouldn’t have gotten from satellite navigation alone. 

What are you waiting for? Book your Melbourne or Cairns hire car today and get ready to enjoy your road trip!