Freshly grown ingredients, diverse cultural influences and a boundary-pushing approach to the culinary arts have helped Australia’s foodie scene to thrive. All up and down the east coast you can find glorious food experiences worth travelling for. To inspire your next road trip (and make you salivate) here are a few of the best food experiences on Australia’s east coast. 1. Seafood in Sydney It’s not surprising that a harbour city has a flourishing seafood scene. To see seafood at its freshest, pay a visit to the Sydney Fish Market in Pyremont. Or for a fancier (and less smelly) marine encounter, splash out on a meal at one of the city’s premier seafood restaurants. Rockpool, Quay and Aria are the standout dining options.

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2. Steak in Rockhampton This little town makes a big claim – it calls itself the ‘beef capital of Australia’. Queensland’s vast cattle farms certainly provide some world-class steaks, so meat lovers should order an eye fillet or two while they’re here.

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3. Truffles in Tasmania The chilly winter weather in Tasmania isn’t loved by everyone, but it’s great for one thing – producing some of the finest truffles in the world. Truffles fetch astronomical prices so sampling them is a true gourmet experience. Even if the idea of eating fungi doesn’t appeal to you, you might be seduced by the exclusive nature of this gourmet treat, as truffles are rarer than gold.
4. Oysters in Tahtra On the southern coast of New South Wales is a small town, and in that town is a modest-looking house where you can buy one of the best gourmet treats in the whole country. The tiny town of Tathra was put on the map thanks to the acclaimed Sydney rock oysters raised in the nearby waters of Lake Nelson. The Rodely family are the only growers here and have won more than 180 awards for the quality of their oysters.

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5. Braddon, Canberra  The capital city’s foodie precinct is well worth a visit with cafes, bakeries and restaurants offering a huge selection of food in the hip neighbourhood of Braddon. One of the highlights for food lovers is the Hamlet, an urban village celebrating food trucks and street food. There are plenty of places to sit down and eat, ranging from casual brunch joints dishing up eggs by the dozen, to elegant evening dining options.
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