The excitement of a road trip can quickly wear off after a couple of hours of nothing but open road and tumble weeds between destinations. You’re on your third run-through of your “perfect road trip playlist” and you know what? It’s not sounding so perfect anymore. The snacks are running low and the only thing you really have going for you is the fact that you booked a roomy rental van so you have a bit of space to stretch out.

There’s only one thing that can save this road trip – OK, a couple of things that can save this road trip: Car games.

Never go bored again.

Memories aren’t just made at the final destination, in fact, better memories are arguably made on the way to that final stop. They say it’s all about the journey anyway! Yes it’s a bit cliche sounding, but would you rather listen to that playlist for the fourth time in a row, or cut the tunes and play some killer road trip games?

If you’re still reading, you decided to take fun into your own hands. Good for you. Check out our favourite car games to play on your next road trip and never go bored again.

1. 21 questions

A classic! You can play 21 questions pretty much anywhere which is what makes it such a fun game. Think of a category, something from that category and then have your team ask yes or no questions until they guess what that object is – unless they run out of questions first! If you can outwit them for 21 turns, you win! The winner picks the new category and object.

2. While you were sleeping 

Here’s a fun one for your most gullible mate. Wait until someone nods off, then get to work creating a crazy story that you needed to be awake for to believe. Be sure to get the details just so, everyone needs to be on the same page when the sleepy passenger wakes up. Keep the joke going for the whole trip, heck keep the joke going for as long as your friendship lasts.

group of friends in a car
Never get bored on your road trip with these games.

3. That’s my family 

Pick a car, any car. Now make up a story about the people inside it. You can say “That’s my family” and then start to go into the crazy details about each of the people in the car you’ve selected. Don’t forget to name the dog too! The fun will be seeing who’s made up the best story at the end of the trip.

4. I-spy

Stuck in some traffic? Whip out this oldie but goodie – I-spy. You need to be relatively stagnant to play this game, which is why it’s perfect for when you’re backed up bumper to bumper. Take turns picking something for others to guess. Better hurry before the traffic gets moving though!

5. The name game

Pick a category, something like ‘boy names’ or ‘animals’ and then start running through the alphabet with a name that starts with the first letter of the alphabet you’re on (A for Andrew). Everyone has to come up with a name before moving to the next letter – no repeats and if you can’t think of a new name, you’re out.

Now there’s no way you can have a bad road trip. Just be sure to pick up the right vehicle to fit everyone comfortably at East Coast Car Rental. Our friendly staff will make sure you have everything you need – and they might even share their favourite car game if you ask!