So, you and your rental car finally made it to the culture capital of Australia –  Melbourne. With 2.6 million visitors to the city in the year ending March 2017, according to a recent Tourism of Victoria study, this vibrant and eclectic city is full of tourist hot spots and activities to get stuck into.

However, if you’re wanting to uncover secrets and surprises, check out our list of the five things you didn’t know you could do in Melbourne. 

1. Drink and putt in a mini golf bar

Recently opened, and already a popular pastime for locals in the know, Holey Moley is Melbourne’s answer to all things fun. With 27 holes to get putt happy – all boasting unique and fun themes  – grab a drink along the way and get ready to sink those holes in one! A range of equally yummy non-alcoholic drinks are on offer too, for all of those designated drivers.

Melbourne’s very own Westgate Lake turns pink!

2. Discover a pink lake

Hop into your hire car and get ready for an out-of-city adventure – a bright pink lake! Due to a high salt content, lack of rainfall and a specific algae growing at the bottom, Melbourne’s very own Westgate Lake turns pink in the summer season, before returning to its blue colour in winter. In the warmer months, get snap happy at this natural phenomenon, but don’t go in due to the high salt contents- a precaution recommended by Dr Mark Norman, Parks Victoria chief conservation scientist.

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3. Eat burgers high up in a train
Inside a graffiti-adorned train carriage, sitting on top of a Collingwood office building five storeys up, lies Easey’s. Home to some of Melbourne’s best burgers and beers, look up to find this weird and wonderful eatery!

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4. Find penguins at St Kilda

It may be hard to believe that penguins could reside in a city setting, but according to Parks Victoria, there are over 100 birds from the Little penguin species! Residing on the St Kilda Breakwater, stroll along the pier at dusk for the best viewing opportunities!

5. Smash things in The Break Room

A well-earned break from travelling around Australia in your rental car is well deserved from time to time. Instead of just stretching your legs, why not try this alternative Melbourne method? The Break Room is a great way to let off steam. Simply handed safety gear, crockery and a bat, smash your way around the room and get ready to let loose!

With so much to see and do in this incredible city, ease your stress by sorting out your car hire with our team of experts!