The words ‘Gold Coast’ alone evoke beautiful images of sun, sand and fun. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising the city is one of the most popular tourist destinations among Australians and those visiting from overseas alike. 

Getting bored simply isn’t possible in this shiny corner of Oz, and we’ve come up with five awesome activities for you to enjoy whilst in the GC. Leap behind the wheel of your rental car and get set for a glittering trip!

Tree-t yourself

The Gold Coast is surrounded by sprawling rainforest. Walking through this verdant, vibrant paradise is a fine experience in itself, with a dizzying array of both plant and wildlife making a life for itself on the forest floor. Taking it all in from ground level is one thing, but how about 30 metres in the air? That’s right – in the rainforest, it’s possible to take a walk among the treetops via specially constructed paths.

In the rainforest, it’s possible to take a walk among the treetops via specially constructed paths.

Nine suspension bridges span the trees, so we hope you’ve got a head for heights. There’s an observation deck along the way, lending you unrivalled views of the forest from above.

Become a high roller

Sticking with the ‘viewing things from a great height’ theme (though perhaps not as serenely as some of you might like!), the Gold Coast is renowned around the world over for its theme parks. And what’s the scariest, most white-knuckle ride you can enjoy at one of these thrill seeker locations? Why, the roller coaster, of course.

The DC Rivals HyperCoaster is the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster in the Southern Hemisphere, rising to well above 60 metres at its highest – and with speeds topping 110 km/h, an adrenaline rush is assured! If taking on the HyperCoaster is a bit too much for you, no worries – ride the thing virtually via the POV video below!

Have a whale of a time

Perhaps Australia’s best location to seek out the leviathans lurking beneath the waves, the Gold Coast plays host to hordes of humpback whales between May and November as they make their way north in search of warmer waters. The whales are conspicuous in their abundance, and with almost half a year to charter a boat and go see them, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

There are several tour operators that will lead you to the whales, enabling you to get an awesome picture without getting wet – that is, unless one of them decides to fluke right next to the vessel!

Gold Coast whale watching

Glowing up

Out in the Gold Coast hinterland (which is worth a paragraph or two itself!) you’ll come across a natural stone bridge in the rainforest that makes up Springbrook Natural Park. Should you visit the arch during the night, you’ll be treated to a mesmerising natural light show by the glow worms that call the cave home.

These tiny worms illuminate the area with a galaxy of lights, and if you’re lucky, you might even happen across other nocturnal Australian wildlife such as owls, bats and frogs. A three-hour tour is available – this is one light show you don’t want to miss.   

Beach peach

We couldn’t write an article on the Gold Coast without talking about the beaches. There’s almost 60 kilometres of coastline for you to peruse, says Tourism Australia, so you really are spoiled for choice when it comes to the sandy stuff. What will you do? Wax down your surfboard, or top up your tan in the company of a good book? The choice is yours!

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