There are two ways to get from Sydney to Melbourne on four wheels. If time is one your side, you can cruise around the coastal road, lapping up some of Australia’s most spectacular scenery. Or you can make the more direct trip down the Hume Highway. Almost 900 kilometres of bitumen unfurling between the two cities, Hume isn’t the most beautiful highway to road trip down.

The drive doesn’t have to be hours of interrupted boredom, though; there are several quirky places to stop that will break up your trip and keep you amused. Check out these five places to stop along the Hume Highway.

1. The Big Merino, Goulburn

Because who doesn’t want a photo posing in front of a giant sheep? A few hours from Sydney, the Big Merino is a 97-tonne monument to the wool industry. Visitors can climb inside the 15-metre high sheep statue to find out more information on the history of wool farming in the area and pop into the souvenir shop. To top the visit off, peer out the eyes of the giant sheep.

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2. Dog on the tucker box, Gundagai Carry on a couple of hours from Goulburn and you’ll come across a curious little statue. Hailed as an Australian icon, the dog on the tuckerbox is exactly what it says it is. A small dog seated quietly on a lunch box, the statue harks back to 1932, when it was erected as a tribute to pioneers. The inspiration for the monument came from ‘Bullocky Bill’, a bullock driver’s poem lauding the loyalty of a dog guarding a man’s tuckerbox. If you want to catch a glimpse of him, the dog is still there, steadfastly guarding the box and posing for visitors.

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3. HMAS Otway, Holbrook The next stop along the highway is the incongruous Holbrook submarine. The decommissioned navy submarine is parked up right in the middle of town, rising up from a grassy field. Stretch your legs while getting a glimpse of what a submarine looks like inside, and wander through the related museum. Roughly four and a half hour’s drive from Sydney, a beached submarine might not be what tired eyes expect to see, but it certainly breaks up the monotony of driving.
4. Botanic Gardens, Albury Albury’s Gardens might not be as unusual as the other stopping points on this list, but they are a great place to take a breather when driving the Hume Highway. Dating back to 1877, the Albury Botanic Gardens are an idyllic slice of history. Quiet pathways lead you through the well-established gardens, giving you a chance to escape the rush of the highway. Approximately six hours from Sydney, Albury is a good spot to spread out a picnic, or even spend the night, thanks to its pretty riverside location.

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5. Big Ned Kelly Statue, Glenrowan Ned Kelly’s legend lives on in a larger than life way. A six-metre tall statue towers over Glenrowan, the site of the Kelly Gang’s last siege and the spot where three of its members died. Clutching a rifle, the statue is stands as a reminder of the fatal shootout. Anyone interested in learning more about the bush  ranger can explore the museums that have sprung up around the statue and pick up a few Ned Kelly souvenirs. This checklist of fun places to stop means cruising down the Hume Highway can be an adventure in itself. Kick off your trip by hiring a car – our expert team are here to help if you have any questions.