Tasmania was greedy when Australia was dishing out the natural attractions. From granite crags to white sand beaches, every corner and crevice of the island shelters something worth discovering.

Finding your way around all of the natural features of Tasmania isn’t easy, though, which is why you’ll need to hire a car. With a good set of wheels and a map, you can navigate your way to some incredible natural wonders. Make the trek to these five stunners; you won’t regret it.

1. The Hazards and Wineglass Bay

Freycinet National Park is an area well worth driving to. Here, you can see the pink-tinged granite hulks of the Hazards looming over seascapes frequented by dolphins and seals. This mountain range dishes up plenty of walking trails and photo-worthy views, but the star of the national park is the elegant Wineglass Bay. A curve of sand drawing a line between turquoise sea and rocky land, Wineglass Bay is cradled between the knuckles of the mountains, making it ridiculously picturesque.

2. Russell Falls and Mount Field National Park

Romantic souls will love Russell Falls. The tiered cascade of water wouldn’t look out of place in a fairytale. These falls are happily only a little over an hour’s drive from Hobart, but your car won’t get you all the way, though. There is a short walk through temperate rainforest to get to the base of the falls – just enough time to feel like you are leaving the real world behind.

Russell Falls are conveniently located in Mount Field National Park, so if seeing the falling water whets your appetite for nature, you can keep the adventure going via some of the great walks through the park. Keep an eye out for some of Tasmania’s incredible wildlife, including the eastern quoll and the eastern barred bandicoot. If you are extra lucky, you might even get a glimpse of a platypus.

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3. The Aurora Australis

You’ve heard of the Northern Lights, but did you know there is such a thing as the Southern Lights? The Aurora Australis is every bit as magical as its famous northern equivalent and you don’t have to risk frostbite to see it. This natural phenomenon occurs when solar winds collide with the earth’s magnetic field and yes, it is every bit as wild as it sounds. When you see the Aurora Australis with your naked eye, it looks like flickering clouds. There are a lot of scientific factors that come into play, but you can usually spot the Aurora Australis all year round in Tasmania.

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4. Cradle Mountain-Lake Saint Clair National Park

The name is a mouthful and the park is an eyeful. The wild contours of Cradle Mountain make for a truly untamed landscape where dense rainforest is interspersed with glacial lakes. Home to the legendary Overland Track, this national park is crisscrossed with walking trails. You can choose to undertake the whole six-day Overland odyssey, or do a day walk and retreat to the comfort of your car to drive home at the end of the day.

5. Tasmanian Devils

This furry little critter definitely counts as a natural wonder. There are several conservation parks where you can spot one of the animals that Tasmania is famous for. They might be small and fuzzy, but these nocturnal scavengers are famous for eating dead animals, munching through flesh and bone. You have to see them with your own eyes to decide whether they are cute or not.

Next time you feel the itch to go somewhere new, choose Tasmania. All you need for an outdoorsy sojourn is a car and an insatiable sense of curiosity. Contact East Coast Car Rentals to kick-start your adventure today.