No road trip is complete without car games. Along with a great playlist, they're a great option to pass the hours driving in your hire car from Melbourne to Cairns. Don't groan just yet though! We don't mean the old school versions you used to play with your parents – you won't find any 'I spy' on this list. 

1. The movie game

How many movie buffs can you fit into one hire car? Find out by challenging everyone to play the movie game and see how long you can all last.

As the first move, state the name of an actor. The next person then has to link them to a movie they've been in, while the following person needs to remember the name of another actor from that film. Carry on with this train until someone finally stumbles. You'll soon discover the cinephiles amongst you, and who just doesn't measure up. 

2. Would you rather?

Get ready to make impossible decisions. Even worse, these options are thought up by your road trip buddies! Would you rather be stuck in the car with them for the next five hours, or travelling alone without air con, music or games? 

Difficult choices reveal more. So get your thinking hats on and dream up some impossible scenarios. 

3. Hot seat

Be prepared to squirm. This is a game you should only undertake if you're ready to answer uncomfortable questions and trust your companions with the truth! Everyone within the car takes a turn in the hot seat. In it, you'll face five questions. With only one chance to pass on an answer the truth will come out. 

4. 20 Questions

This game will get your brain working. Someone in the car thinks of an object, animal or person. Then, with only 20 yes or no questions to use, everyone else tries to figure out what it is. The person wins and goes again if no one does. However, if someone guesses correctly they take over. 

5. Memory game

Do you know who has the best memory out of you and your friends? Start off simple but watch the struggle grow. Begin the memory game with a phrase such as 'I'm going out on a picnic and I'm bringing…' and choose the first item that comes to mind. 

The next passenger repeats what you've said, and adds their own object to the end. Keep this going. Eventually, either you'll run out of items or memory space. We think we can guess which.

Get your ultimate road trip playlist sorted, pick out your favourite games and book your hire car. Australia's East Coast is waiting for you.