When we think of Cairns, we usually think hot sunshine and beaches, but there are plenty of fun activities for those who love to be in the water, too! All you water wanderers can hire a car conveniently from Cairns Airport and make your way to some of these water activities throughout the city. 

1) Scuba-Doo

Imagine an underwater scooter with full scuba-gear safety, but without a mouthpiece or mask, and no heavy weight around your belt dragging you down. All you do is swing onto the seat and 'ride' below the waves, with the peace of mind knowing the air tank is securely fixed to the Scuba-Doo. These eco-friendly machines have enough air to last three separate tours, and are a lovely way to admire the bedazzling colours of schools of fish as they swim around you. 

2) River Tube

The thrill of floating through fast, fun rapids atop giant inflated tubes is like being at a water theme park, but only in the beautiful natural world. Pick between half-day or full-day trips, with a choice of tubing through the Russell, Barron or Mulgrave Rivers. 

3) Swim in Lake Eacham

Based in the lush green surrounds of Atherton Tablelands, this calm lake is just  a one hour drive from Cairns and you can camp at nearby cabins if you'd like to stay the night and make the most of your trip. These rainforests have World Heritage status, and their beauty is mesmerising. In this area, you can also admire the Barron Falls waterfall and Eacham's sibling crater lake, Barrine. BBQ machines and picnic tables fringe the lakes for epic waterside picnics. 

4) Sugarworld Waterpark

If you're after a traditional waterpark, this is your go-to, just 10 kilometres south of Cairns. Built across 17 acres of historical parklands, Sugarworld has a range of slides, pipes and pools to splash around in. Both the young and the young at heart can hop onto a round float and thunder down the slides, or lie on their stomachs and head down Superman-style through the cooling waters!

5) Flyboard

Based in Marlin Marina, Flyboard Cairns is right in the heart of the city and an ideal spot for learning how to master this sport as well as testing out your skills on the water. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's you, acing your way over the waves!