There aren’t many things that can improve a trip to the beach on a fine day. However, those with dogs know that very little can surpass the feeling of swimming and playing fetch on the sand with your four-legged friend. If you live in New South Wales, there’s no reason to leave your dog at home when heading for the sea – select a car and check out one of these great dog-friendly beaches.
Check out a dog-friendly beach in NSW.
Over half of all Australian households own a pet and dogs are our most popular companions.
Tips for driving with a dog:
  • Lay down a blanket on the back seat
  • Use a specialist crate or pet carrier and secure it to the seat
  • Ensure there is ample air flow within the vehicle
  • Stop regularly for water and toilet breaks
1. Dunbogan Beach If you’re in the mood for a road trip, hire a car in Sydney, lay down a blanket on the back seat and secure your dog crate. Plan your route to ensure there are ample places to stop off to let your pup stretch its legs. Dunbogan beach is a four-hour drive up the coast from central Sydney and your dog is bound to be impressed by this quiet and spacious 9.3 km stretch of sand. You and your doggo can enjoy the leashed area between Seaview Avenue and Kattang Nature Reserve. Alternatively, if your dog is itching for an unrestrained run, an off-leash area is located between Seaview Avenue and Beach Street.

Dunbogan beach is a four-hour drive from Sydney and your dog is bound to be impressed by this spacious stretch of sand.

2. Bagnalls Beach Reserve For a memorable trip for both the family and your dog, Bagnalls Beach Reserve, approximately 215 km from Sydney, offers three areas that are connected by a tree-lined walking and cycling path. There’s a playground for the kids, a few picnic areas, barbecues, exercise equipment and beach access. Best of all, Bagnalls Beach Reserve is an off-leash exercise area, so you and your pooch can freely enjoy this beachside park and all it has to offer.

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3. Hams Beach Hire your car in Sydney, secure your pup and head north for around 130 km to Hams Beach, which can be accessed by turning off Princes Highway and onto Bowman Street. Continue to Northcote Avenue, before turning onto Caves Beach Road. Beach access can be found at the end of Mawson Close, and here, your dog is able to explore leash-free (with your supervision). Watch as your dog manically chases the seagulls or flirts with the waves, then enjoy an unpredictable game of fetch with a reclaimed piece of driftwood. 4. Little Austinmer Beach Drive approximately 70 km south of central Sydney to the wild beach of Little Austinmer. Not far from Austinmer Beach, which is great for swimming and is one of Wollongong’s busiest, Little Austinmer has been cursed with prominent rocks and rip tides – however, this 330 m sandy beach is perfect for you and your dog to frolic on. The sand is flanked by grassy slopes, which your dog is likely to enjoy rolling around and scratching his or her back on. 5. Rowland Reserve If you and your dog aren’t keen on driving for too long, Rowland Reserve is a great option as it’s only 45 minutes from central Sydney. This much-raved about off-leash dog park and beach is usually busy, making it a great place to socialise your dog. On weekends, there’s also a coffee cart and a dog-friendly cafe for the humans to enjoy, as well as a large grassed area and a mobile dog wash. After you’ve enjoyed one of these dog-friendly beaches, head back to Sydney with your tired-out pooch and take it easy until you’re ready to discover another dog-friendly paradise in New South Wales.