Let’s get this perfectly clear from the get-go: There are more – many more – reasons why you should road trip down Australia’s incredibly beautiful east coast. However, if we had to narrow it down to just four reasons, we can do that too!

Road trips are the ultimate bonding experience for friends and families alike so be sure to bring the whole gang along. Don’t limit the fun to the number of seats you have in your car – just pick up a rental van. This way you can include everyone and you can do so with style and comfort – plus you can caravan if you need to. Pack some snacks for the road, and we’ll show you our four reasons why a road trip down Australia’s East Coast should be your next holiday plan.

1. The views are spectacular 

Chances are good that you’ll want to pull the car over every couple of kilometres because there’s always a view worth detouring for. Experience everything from the sights at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge up north, to the hauntingly beautiful 12 Apostles rock formations down in the south. And yes – everything in-between is equally breathtaking in its own right.

2. There are countless cool attractions 

Australians know how to have fun, and as such they’ve worked in some unique attractions that are great fun for all ages. The entire coast is littered with things like water parks, bungee jumping expeditions and scuba diving tours. You’ll never get bored, that’s for sure.

a koala in a tree
It might be tough to see a koala in the wild, so make sure your road trip stops by a local zoo or refuge centre!

3. The wildlife is adorable

Even if you’ve lived in this country your whole life, it’s pretty hard to contest that the wildlife is oh-so cuddly cute. You only increase your chances of coming across koala bears and kangaroos when you hit the open roads. Or, when you stop in a wildlife refuge or a nearby zoo along the way because sometimes these animals can be relatively shy.

4. There are unique foods to try

You’re probably used to the cuisines in your area. When you go on road trips, you’re forced to try things you’ve never had before. Australia has some pretty crazy foods, like the Witchetty grub, which you should dare yourself to taste at least once in your life!

Convinced? We thought you might be! Now that you know we won’t steer you wrong, your next step is to contact our friendly staff and rent the vehicle that will transport you on your next road trip down the Australian East Coast.