Smack in the middle of the Queensland coast is the Mackay region. From kangaroos on beaches to rainforests hiding shy platypuses and waterfalls, this is an area brimming with natural beauty and adventures waiting to be had.

Here are four reasons to visit the Mackay region

Mackay City 

Mackay City is the heart of the Mackay region – from here you can access all the best attractions in the area. The town is more than just a good base though, it’s also a sweet little place to explore. Art deco buildings and palm-lined buildings will help put you in the mood to relax with tapas and cocktails by the Mackay Marina. 

There are 31 beaches near Mackay, plus the Botanic Gardens, riverside trails and man-made swimming lagoons to dive into, so boredom isn’t even an option. 

Finch Hatten Gorge

An hour outside of Mackay is the Finch Hatten Gorge, full of volcanic rock formations, verdant flora and waterfalls. Pick one of the many walking trails and explore – just factor in enough time for a picnic or a dip in one of the rock pools.

Daredevil visitors can go zip-lining through sub-tropical tree canopy, or scuba diving with platypuses in the rainforest rivers. 

Cape Hillsborough National Park

If you haven’t heard about Cape Hillsborough yet, get out your bucket list and add it right now. Only 40 minutes from Mackay town, this park features Queensland’s signature white-sand beaches and rainforested hills. What makes this place unique is the visitors that hop along the beach at sunrise. Wallabies and kangaroos populate the beach in the early morning as they look for food along the tideline, so if you’re early enough you might just catch them. 

Eungella National Park 

Eungella isn’t so much a national park as a playground for rare frogs and platypus. About 90 minutes’ drive from Mackay city centre, this park is a great spot to get up close to wildlife in a tranquil environment. The little critters that call the park home live in sub-tropical rainforests criss-crossed with walking trails. As you make your way along the palm-fringed paths, keep an eye out for colourful butterflies and birds. 

The most interesting way to get to the Mackay region is to hire a car in Cairns, Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast and make a road trip out of it. As well as all the great things waiting for you at your destination, you will be able to check out some of Queensland’s best coastal attractions along the way.

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