South Australia is a road trip state. Stunning landscapes roll past your window, morphing from dazzling coastlines to misty vineyard-covered hills and the true wilderness of the Outback. To take in the state’s highlights from coast to desert, check out these enticing destinations in South Australia. 1. Adelaide The best place to start a South Australian road trip is in the state capital, a handy place to pick up your hire car. It’s more than just a jumping off point though – take some time to poke your nose into a few museums and get a taste of the locally-grown wine in the city’s many restaurants. Give yourself a few days to make the most of Adelaide before skipping town for more remote pastures.

South Australia’s largest mountain range is a mandatory stop for any road trip through this state.

2. Flinders Ranges  South Australia’s largest mountain range is a mandatory stop for any road trip through this state. The landscapes that you cross here are more than 600 million years old. The peaks and gorges of the range have a barren beauty combine with a wealth of Aboriginal history and abundant wildlife to make this a compelling area to spend time in. Check out Wilpena Pound, a massive, crater-like rock formation that has only one entry-point – a narrow, 11-kilometre gorge. You can spend the night here at the Wilpena Pound Resort for the complete experience. Another accommodation option in the Ranges is Rawnsley Park on the southern end of Wilpena Pound, a working sheep station with a campground and luxury eco villas. Situated at the top of the ranges, you can watch spectacular sunsets from here, as the rocky landscapes are painted red and purple. Flinders Ranges are about five hours north of Adelaide. 3. Coober Pedy South Australia’s underground town is unlike anywhere else. The town started out as a massive opal mining operation and evolved into an underground community – the subterranean houses a solution to the sweltering desert heat. Temperatures can reach almost 50 degrees Celsius here, so it’s not surprising that people escaped the harsh sun by burrowing underground. Everything from living areas, to bars and churches were carved into the earth in a bizarre living arrangement that has endured for 100 years. Today, more than half of the current population live inside the sandstone and the dugout houses which have everything from electricity to internet. You can take guided tours of some of the underground homes, getting a glimpse at how the community lives or for an even more immersive experience, you can book a room at the Desert Cave Hotel. You’ll have to go a little out of your way to get to Coober Pedy, but it’s worth the trip. 4. Eyre Peninsula Head towards the southwestern corner of the state to the lower Eyre Peninsula. Port Lincoln is the perfect base for you to explore the surrounding area. The city is a fishing hub and hauls in an impressive amount of seafood, so this is the spot to try some of the freshest catch around. If you prefer to encounter marine life in the water rather than on your plate, you can swim with the Australian Sea Lion or Southern Blue Fin Tuna just off the coast of the peninsula. From Port Lincoln you can leap into the Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay national parks. Both encompass stunning beaches and sand dunes. In Coffin Bay, grab the opportunity to sample premium pacific oysters straight from the sea.

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