Summer is the perfect time to go on holiday with your partner, whether your relationship is old or new. Take advantage of this opportunity and do something you normally wouldn't.

Unique activities can ignite excitement and bring you closer as a couple, particularly if you've been together for a while.

Unique activities can ignite excitement and bring you closer as a couple, particularly if you've been together for a while. Australia's east coast is full of exciting adventures for you and your loved one to enjoy this summer. Hire a car and start exploring!

How can exciting dates strengthen your relationship?

Arthur Aron, professor of social psychology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, says that experiencing novelties together is vital for maintaining relationship strength. To test this theory, Aron carried out an experiment.

Two groups of long-term partners were asked to answer some relationship satisfaction questions, then complete certain tasks in a room. The first group had to walk around and across the room. The second group was asked to perform more complex tasks such as pushing a ball across the floor with their wrists and ankles bound.

After this, each participant was asked to rate how bored they were in their current relationship. The group who performed the more complex task reported significantly higher ratings in the love and satisfaction areas than the other group, whose answers were virtually identical to their pre-experiment rankings. 

Aron's theory is based in neuroscience. New experiences activate the reward centre of the brain, flooding your system with dopamine and norepinephrine, the same hormones that run rampant during the initial stages of romantic attachment. Recreating these chemical influxes is a brilliant way to rekindle the excitement of when you first got together. 

Hot air ballooning in the Gold Coast

A hot air balloon ride to watch the sunset is the epitome of romance. Companies such as Hot Air will pick you up from your accommodation in an air-conditioned shuttle that is Wi-Fi accessible. Once you arrive at the Hot Air launch pad, you'll board your balloon and be taken up with an experienced pilot.

When you've disembarked, the two of you will be whisked away to the picturesque O'Reilly 's {Grand} Homestead and Vineyard for some champagne and a fully cooked breakfast including eggs, bacon, fresh fruit and pastries, cereal and juices.

Finally, the shuttle will take you back to your accommodation. You'll receive a romantic and invigorating start to your day, all while barely having to lift a finger! 

Swim with dolphins in Port Stephens

Imagine coming home from your holiday and telling everyone about swimming with dolphins in their own habitat. That's precisely the unique experience that Dolphin Swim Australia offers. Typically, dolphin swims involve meeting with a captive animal in its enclosure. What sets this dive apart is that the dolphins are wild and they choose to swim with you.

You'll be taught certain dolphin attraction techniques then dropped off in their waters by boat. From here, the dolphins' natural curiosity about humans will do the rest! Encountering creatures as wonderful as dolphins in their natural environment will be a memory that you and your partner cherish forever.

Horse riding in Byron Bay

Hire a car in the Gold Coast and make your way down to Byron Bay for some horse riding. A trek along one of Australia's breathtakingly beautiful beaches or through one of our lush rainforests is a magical experience, especially when you're with your favourite person. While not necessarily as exhilarating as the other activities on this list, a relaxing horse ride through beautiful scenery is a fantastic way to add a sense of novelty to your trip.

A stay at a secluded getaway such as Tassiriki Ranch is perfect for an intimate holiday. The horses here are incredibly well trained so no prior riding experience is necessary. Simply hop on and enjoy the ride!

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