Are you ready to feel alive? Adelaide has a whole heap of adrenaline activities that will get your heart racing and show you this glorious area like you've never seen it before.

Go swimming with sharks

Witness these majestic creatures of the deep first hand. Did you know, at an average of 15 feet which is almost the size of an average bus, the Great White Shark is the largest predatory fish on the planet? They can swim at up to 24 kilometres per hour, flying through the water, and have 300 teeth in multiple rows in their mouth.  

Just off the waters of Adelaide, this marine animal thrives. With Adrenalin tours, you'll visit Shark Bay at the Neptune Islands in South Australia, its natural habitat. Along the way, you'll pass through the Thorny Passage, which is where you can also spot dolphins and native sea birds. If you're a bit nervous about this experience but still want to get in the water with the sharks, you can stay in a cage. Once you get there and see how safe it is you might decide to swim freely through the water!

There are also swimming with shark opportunities off Port Lincoln. Shark Cage Diving offers a great experience, as does Adventure Bay Charters.

See the sights via hot air balloon

Barossa Valley is an absolutely stunning region of South Australia. The wine, lush green vineyards, blue skies and rich red dirt that it's known for make for an absolutely breathtaking landscape. 

What better way to witness this glorious region than by hot air balloon? Because of the stunning weather and picturesque views, this is one of the top hot air ballooning locations in the whole country. 

The activity is at once thrilling, amazing and one of a kind. With Barossa Valley Ballooning, you can go on an hour long tour over the valley. In the quiet that is only punctured by the sound of hot air being fired into the balloon, take in the sights and enjoy the soaring feeling.

Touch back down and with your celebratory champagne, toast to your health and your holiday. This tradition was started way back in the 18th Century by balloonists in France, and continues to this day. You'll also receive a commemorative flight certificate that makes for a great memento. 

Similar experiences are offered by Adrenalin and Balloon Adventures. To get to Barossa Valley, hire a car in Adelaide and take the National Highway M20 and National Highway A1. The whole journey will take about an hour.

Get muddy with a rally car race

Feel like a real race car driver with a rally driving experience. There are multiple options for this exciting activity – you could spend just a couple of hours racing around, a half day or a whole day, choose to take to the dirt or stick to the track. 

Adrenalin offers a 16 Lap Drive and 1 Hot Lap package, both of which are a fantastic way to get a taste of fast-paced racing. You'll have a selection of Australian Rally Championship spec super cars to choose from – even including the Subaru WRX STi and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8, some of the best cars out there!

A professional instructor will help you learn the ropes and teach you techniques that will take your driving to the next level. To finish off, you'll take the co-driver's seat and feel the power of the car in the hands of a professional rally driver as they perform a hot lap blast. Check out the Freeman X Experience and Red Balloon for other options.