Brisbane is full of fantastic things to keep you going all year round. This August, however, the skies will be brighter than ever as the Redcliffe KiteFest flies into town. The festival is located around 20 minutes north of our Brisbane airport car hire pickup location, at Pelican Park in Clontarf.

So once you’ve picked up your rental car, head on up and check out these three great spots at the KiteFest.


1) Sky Zone

Unsurprisingly, the KiteFest  is best known for its world-class kite show. These are so much more than just your run-of-the-mill kites. Internationally celebrated creators from around the world come together at the KiteFest to show off their latest and greatest.

Of particular note this year is kite flyer Andreas Agren of Sweden. Mr Agren designs somewhat bizarre, and often technically innovative, kites. His evolution kite showing the humorous transformation of a man into a kite (or vice versa!) is sure to stay in your mind.

Maybe you’re more one for participating than watching? The festival also has a public flying zone. So grab your kite, or head on down to the workshops at the KiteFest, and get flying!

2) Ocean Zone

The Cleanaway Ocean Zone is the destination for any fans of watersports. Check out the astounding Jet Ski stunts performed by professionals, with high-flying kites in tow.

The coolest thing in the ocean zone is the return of the flyboarders. These insanely talented individuals wear boots that allow them to fly up to ten metres above the water, or 2.5 metres below. A long tube funnels water up into jets attached to the boots, enabling hydroflight!

It wouldn’t be the KiteFest without kitesurfing. If you’re wondering how the professionals do it, you can shoot on down to the demonstrations. You can then try it out yourself by renting kitesurfing equipment from the Surf Connect Watersports Centre.

3) Kidz Zone

If you’ve got kids in tow, they’ll be over the moon to discover the Sesame Lane Kitefest Kidz Zone. There are so many great activities to keep your children happy all day – and many of them are free!

Your little ones can exercise their musical chops with pipe chimes and drums in the TeePee musical village, or put their architectural prowess to use in the BrisBricks Lego workshop. Any excess energy can be worked out of their systems on the many bouncy castles and super safe spring-free trampolines.

To make a real road trip of your holiday, you can head further north once the festival is done and dusted to return your car on the Sunshine Coast – but not before you take in its amazing sights and sounds.

To arrange a car hire in Brisbane, or anywhere up the east coast of Australia, get in touch with us today.