Adventure tourism is the hot new thing that all the kids these days are doing. Forget lounging on a beach somewhere, the sun cooking your flesh like an egg in a frying pan – doing something exciting and adventurous on your holiday has become all the rage. And what a place to do it – Australia is bursting at the seams with intoxicating adventure tourism spots, many of which are accessible by hiring one of our excellent and spiffy vehicles.

The next time you’re after a holiday with a bit more kick to it, consider these three adventure tourism spots.

Kayak with dolphins at Byron Bay

Swimming with dolphins is old hat. Why not trying kayaking with dolphins? Well, you’ll be doing the kayaking. The dolphins will still be swimming, as they are wont to do.

GoSea Kayak runs out of Byron Bay, a two hour drive south from Brisbane.

It’s also possible to spot a humpback whale or one of three species of turtle.

With 2 ½ hours spent on the water, you’ll have ample time to spot some dolphins doing their thing. But they’re not the only animals lurking in the Cape Bay Marine Park waters, oh no. It’s also possible to spot a humpback whale or one of three species of turtle.

If a dolphin manages to escape your gaze, don’t despair! GoSea will offer you another trip, completely free of charge.

Climb or abseil at the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains can be found around two hours drive west of Sydney.

There is so much to do here, but one particularly adventurous activity is the combo of rock climbing and abseiling. You can partake in this by contacting the appropriately named company “Blue Mountains Adventure Company,” who you know by their name will be able to deliver the goods.

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With the morning spent abseiling and the afternoon spent rock climbing, the end of the day will see you begging for a bit of rest.

Fly over the 12 Apostles at Port Campbell National Park

Looking like something out of a movie, the 12 Apostles are a series of rock formations sitting in the sea, just off the bottom of Victoria’s southern coast.

They’re located about 2 ½ hours drive south-west from Melbourne.

While it’s possible to view them from the land, the best experience can be had by getting a helicopter ride above them. This way you can get up close and really appreciate the scale of these enormous limestone stacks.

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