There is a compelling air about trees – a certain romance to their grandeur and something very satisfying about walking through a forest to come upon massive, ancient arboreal structures. If you need some inspiration for your next road trip, consider making one of these iconic trees your destination. 

Tall, hollow or elaborately twisted, each of these trees is a marvel worth visiting. 

1. The Grandis, New South Wales

Veer off Highway One about 95 kilometres north of Newcastle and you will stumble across the Grandis. This 40-year-old gum tree is magnificent to behold. It stands 76 metres high and is a massive 11 metres in circumference at its base. This is the tallest tree in the whole state and one of the few survivors of the extensive logging that took place in the area, making it a relic of a past era. 


2. The Herbig Family Tree

The hollow trunk of this mighty red gum tree was home for Freidrich Herbig and his family for several years. Freidrich initially set up camp in the tree because he was too poor to afford rent or the cost of building a hut. The first of the family’s 16 children was born in the tree, but eventually the Herbigs were too many to fit in the trunk and they to move out. 

The unique tree, aged around 300-500 years old, is still there today. 

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3. Curtain Fig Tree

This fascinating tree is one of the largest in northern Queensland and definitely the most distinct. The fig tree grew from the strangler fig species that took over a host trunk leaning at a 45 degree angle. The strangler fig usually wraps around the trunk and winds down to the ground, but in this unique instance the roots went straight down to the ground, forming a dramatic 15-metre high curtain of dangling roots. 

You can visit the tree via a wooden boardwalk. There will be lots of photo opportunities so don’t forget to bring your camera!

Embrace your inner treehugger, hire a car and go on a mission to find these amazing trees! Feel free to reach out to our friendly team if you have any questions about your booking.