Tasmania, located approximately 240 km south of mainland Australia, is a large island, similar in size to Switzerland. The island, which is home to over half a million people, is known for its natural attractions – a sizable portion of it is UNESCO World Heritage listed.

Over millions of years, glaciation, volcanic eruptions, continental drift and earthquakes shaped the topography of the land, resulting in lakes, limestone caves, valleys, gorges and vast temperate rainforests. Tasmania is incredibly biodiverse and the landscape offers everything from white-sand beaches to hectares of protected parks and nature reserves.

No matter what kind of solace you seek,Tasmania is sure to provide something to settle your soul, and, with some of the cleanest air in the world, satisfy your lungs. Here are the best spots to check out!

Luxury by the seaside

To enjoy some fresh sea breezes, hire a car at Hobart Airport and drive north for an hour and a half to Avalon Coastal Retreat on Tasmania’s east coast.

This luxurious getaway features a contemporary 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home with panoramic sea views and access to a secluded beach. The interior is calm and minimal, with modernist art and furniture, queen-sized Tasmanian oak beds and an open fire. Sit out on one of the decks and watch as the sun sinks below the horizon while you enjoy a glass of Tasmanian pinot noir and some gourmet nibbles from the fully-equipped kitchen.

Unwind in Tasmania’s Huon Valley

An hour and 40 minutes drive south of the airport is The Peninsula Experience.

Set on a private, gated peninsula which includes 250 acres of grasslands, rolling hills and forests, this opulent valley retreat has just two exclusive homes on offer – the Cape House and the Boat House. Both feature light color schemes and decor, which enhance the relaxed and soothing vibe.

The Cape House is a renovated, turn-of-the-century farmhouse with an expansive deck on which an 8-person hot tub is ready to be enjoyed. The Boat House is designed for two, with a crackling fire, king-size bedroom and water views.

Mountain retreat

If you’re looking forward to seeing more of Tasmania by car, hire one from Hobart International Airport then drive towards the northern part of the island.

Just over three hours from the airport you’ll discover Eagles Nest Retreat, a 20-acre property with views of the stately 1,234m-high Mount Roland. There are three ‘Nests’ to choose from, each designed with a different clientele in mind.

Eagles Nest 1 offers a truly Tasmanian experience, almost everything has been sourced locally, from the building materials such as Huon Pine and Tasmanian oak, to the artworks on display. The second Eagles Nest is an amalgamation of the owners’ experiences traveling the world. It features artworks and artifacts from all corners of the Earth. The last accommodation option is designed to portray the feel and essence of a ‘finca ‘ – a rural property or ranch generally found in Spain or Spanish America.

To get to one of these incredible destinations, check out our Tasmanian car hire options and wind down the windows to enjoy some of the cleanest air in the world.