New South Wales is replete with a broad range of differing natural environments, each equal in their beauty. Acre upon acre of unspoiled bushland, sprawling forests, and ancient lakes combine to make the state one of Australia's most beauteous – and the best way to see it is by hiring a car. With East Coat Car Rentals, you can saunter on up to many of the secluded parks, valleys and ports that form the tapestry of the area, so make us your first port-of-call before heading out on your grand adventure.

River red gum National Parks

Did you know that over 100,000 hectares of parklands, including proposed Aboriginal-managed lands, make up Red River Gum Parks? When combined with adjoining parks in neighbouring Victoria, the united woodlands are the biggest area of river red gum trees, in conservation, on the planet. That's a sizeable chunk of beautiful Australian countryside to explore, so you are almost unlimited in what you can see or do when venturing into the great outdoors. Camping is a favoured pastime of many a visitor to these parts, and why wouldn't it be? Just you, your sleeping bag and your tent separate you from Australia's unique wildlife – it's a natural escape unlike any other. Bring a few friends, sizzle a sausage on the barbie as the Murray or the Murrumbidgee Rivers roll lazily by. Recently, outstanding mountain biking facilities have been paved throughout the parks, so strap your cycle on top of your rental vehicle and get even closer to nature. Fishing and boating are also popular pastimes.

The Hunter Valley Wine Region

The Hunter Valley is Australia's oldest and most famous wine region, home to a variety of world-class vineyards that produce some of the best-known names in vino. Split into two regions, the Upper and Lower Hunter, the area is a must-visit if you or your companions have even a passing interest in the good stuff. It's the cellar doors that will pique your interest in the Hunter Valley and with good reason. Many of the tastings are free and you can sample anything from Cabernet Sauvignon to Shiraz for the red-heads, to Chardonnay for the white knights. Whatever you do, though, please make sure that whoever is driving the vehicle is responsible and sticks with soft drinks or juices, readily available.

Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie is different to many great surfing spots in that very little is written about the place as a prime position to catch a wave. There are outstanding curlers breaking on the endless beaches here, but with very few actually riding them, so if you have a board, fill your boots. Afterward, take a winding stroll along the coast, picking out the dolphins and whales breaching in the distance, with sunsets to rival anywhere else on Earth.