Adelaide is home to some of the most stunning walking trails in South Australia that are sure to satisfy any nature lover. From rugged coastlines to deep, waterfall-laden gorges, get ready to breathe in the fresh air and stretch those legs after driving to these three fabulous hiking spots.

1. Three Falls Grand walk

Morialta Falls Conservation Park There’s no better feeling than completing a killer hike and enjoying the efforts of your labour at the finish line. While the Three Falls Grand walk may be a little steep in some parts, looking down at the cascading waterfalls and sprawling gorge from up top is so worth it. The 7.3 kilometre circuit leads hikers around the edge of the orange-tinged gorge, offering incredible views of the rock formations, before continuing up to the First, Second and Third Falls, taking around 3.5 hours to complete. There’s also regular sightings of kangaroos, koalas and kookaburras along this track. If you enjoy crossing streams, scrambling over rocks and getting a little muddy, this hiking trail is the one for you. Best part is, Morialta Falls Conservation Park is only a 20-minute drive from the centre of Adelaide!

2. Marion Coastal Walking trail

Marion Coast Park It’s not often that you find such unspoilt natural scenery in a metropolitan city. That’s why the Marion Coastal Walking trail is a must-do when visiting Adelaide. Here, hikers can enjoy rugged coastline vistas just a stone’s throw from the thriving city life. The walk begins at the Marino Esplanade, where there’s plenty of space to park your East Coast Car Rentals’ hire car. From here, enjoy strolling along the 7.2 kilometres of meandering boardwalk across to the finishing point of Hallet Cove Conservation Park. Between start and finish, hikers can take in unbeatable views of the adjacent ocean, rugged cliffs and rocky coves – the perfect backdrop for any mid-walk selfies! Reaching Marino Esplanade takes around 40 minutes by car from the centre of the city.

3. Horsnell Gully and Giles Conservation Park hike

Horsnell Gully and Giles Conservation Park This next Adelaide walk isn’t just one of the most beautiful, it’s also brimming with local history. In 1840, Charles Giles and John Horsnell (two pioneers in the fields of horticulture and floriculture in South Australia) settled in the area, building three cottages. They lived and worked here, teaching others about horticultural practices which became a necessity in the colony of South Australia during the nineteenth century. In 2018, two of the three cottage ruins can still be seen while walking the Horsnell Gully and Giles Conservation Park trail, alongside lush, local foliage and dramatic tree-lined landscapes. The 8.7 kilometre return path is also frequented by one of Australia’s most loved national creatures: the koala. These furry tree-hugging friends can often be seen sleeping in branches above or wandering the path itself, so always keep your camera at the ready! There are several different ways to complete this hike, depending on how long you’d like to walk for and what kind of views you prefer, so be sure to check your route before setting off. The park itself is only a 20-minute drive from the centre of Adelaide.

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