One of the most amazing things about travelling through Australia is getting to experience a culture that’s amongst the oldest in the world. The Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for at least a staggering 45,000 years, accumulating a culture that’s rich in traditions, myths and legends. 

Can you imagine a better way to immerse yourself in the wonder and history of the culture than through an Aboriginal festival? Grab your Adelaide hire car and head out to partake in these three unforgettable experiences. 

Tarnanthi, Adelaide

Pronounced ‘tar-nan-dee’, this festival is a national event run by the Art Gallery of South Australia. Tarnanthi is a visual feast of contemporary art created from one of the oldest surviving cultures on earth. 

The name itself means to come forth or appear, which is appropriate for the emerging forms of artwork steeped in history and tradition. This year’s city-wide festival runs between 18 and 27 October, 2019. Make sure you don’t miss out! Book your Adelaide hire car today. 


Yabun Festival, Sydney

Think music, dancing and performances that’ll transport you to another time and way of life. Yabun, a word from the Gadigal language, means ‘music to a beat’. To this end, the festival thrums throughout with live, traditional music performed by Aboriginal artists. Try stop your feet from tapping while exploring the thriving indigenous-themed street markets. You can also sit in on discussion panels that allow you to learn more about the people who have lived in Australia for longer than you could  imagine.

Every year this festival is held on 26 January. 

Laura Dance Festival, Cape York

Every second year, the quiet town of Laura vanishes and transforms into a festival like no other. The extra year of waiting is worth it, as this gathering represents one of the oldest and largest cultural celebrations of the Aboriginal people. 

Feel the very earth shaking as thousands of feet dance upon it, infecting the ground with the wild and intoxicating rhythms of traditional music. Experience the hair on the back of your neck rising as voices rise to sing songs that the Aboriginal people have sung for millennia. See more than 20 communities gathered together to partake in cultural ceremonies, acknowledge their history and ensure its continuance into the future, all upon sacred grounds.

The next Laura Dance Festival is being held at the beginning of July, 2020.

If your road trip isn’t complete without experiencing the history and culture of the country you’re travelling through, make sure you participate in one or more of these amazing festivals. Book your Sydney hire car today.