Picture this: you’re off on a road trip. You’ve got your car hire in Sydney sorted and have been driving for a while. All of a sudden, you find yourself stuck in the middle of a traffic jam. How can you turn this nightmarish scenario into something fun?

All it takes is a little imagination…

Or you could just try some of our top 15 things to do when stuck in traffic!

How to have fun when you’re stuck in traffic

1. Listen to that podcast you’ve constantly been putting off.

2. Count all the cars you can see in the traffic jam.

3. Sing along to your favourite songs on the radio and try to make eye contact with the people in cars next to you.

4. Write a poem using the letters T, R, A, F, F, I, C as starting points. Here’s an example:


Really doing my head in.

Always getting in the way of where I want to go.

Forever – that’s how long it feels like I’ve been stuck here.

Fortunately, it hasn’t been forever.

It’s only been 37 minutes.

Could have fooled me.

5. Get some exercise; whilst holding the wheel, flap your arms rapidly like a chicken and tone those triceps.

6. Have that tough conversation you’ve been putting off with one of your passengers.

7. Try and learn the lyrics to a song.

8. Play some I-spy with your car-mates, but don’t let anyone use “car”.

9. Get your passenger to take pictures of you and find that perfect angle for your face.

10. If you’re on your way to the Great Barrier Reef, browse Instagram for pictures of turtles and imagine yourself there.


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11. Burp the entire alphabet. Keep the windows up for added challenge!

12. Turn the heater onto full blast and have a competition to see who in the car can sweat the most.

13. Play the “only communicate in song lyrics” game.

14. See how many times you can blink in 60 seconds.

15. Give the person in the car next to you the head nod that indicates a challenge to a street race, then when the traffic starts moving, don’t actually race them because you’re a responsible and intelligent driver.

With these 15 tips, you’ll never be bored in a traffic jam again! And if you’re finally ready to organise that road trip, contact East Coast Car Rentals today to book your perfect hire car.