Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Fleet

East Coast Car Rentals is excited to introduce, our all-electric Tesla range. The Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model Y are both a perfect complement to our existing Hybrid vehicles. The sleek and innovate Tesla Model 3 is available to rent from our Tesla Car Hire Brisbane, Tesla Car Hire Melbourne, and Sydney Airport car hire and the revolutionary Tesla Model Y is available to rent from our Sydney Branch. Embark on your next journey with style and sustainability by choosing one of our exceptional Tesla rentals.

Tesla Road Trip Luxury

EV technology has rapidly advanced, allowing for longer driving ranges and shorter charging times. With the widespread adoption of EVs, it has spurred the development of a robust charging infrastructure, making it more convenient for drivers to recharge their vehicles on the go. Electric Vehicles are leading the way towards a more sustainable and emission-free transportation system.

The Tesla Model 3 has unrivalled performance with a maximum range of 448 kilometres (kms) on a fully charged battery and the revolutionary Tesla Model Y features unmatched performance with a maximum range of 542 kilometres (kms) on a fully charged battery. 

With EV public charging networks available across Australia, you can kick-back, relax and enjoy the 15-inch centre touchscreen entertainment display. The luxurious glass ceiling provides passengers with a unique viewing perspective, unlike any other cars in our fleet.

Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is an impressive all-electric SUV that combines style, performance, and sustainability. Designed as a versatile vehicle with the ability to carry up to 5 passengers and their luggage, making it ideal for everyday use and adventures.

The Tesla Model 3 is a sleek and stylish all-electric sedan that has revolutionised the car industry, exuding elegance and sophistication. The Model 3 fits 5 passengers in its futuristic and modern interior perfect for business and leisure travellers alike.

Tesla Car Rental, Safety at its finest

Both the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y embody safety with their abundance of safety features. Their 5-star ANCAP safety rating is achieved by its combination of aluminium and steel rigid structure, with its low centre of gravity and impact protection that has the ability to hold up two whole Tesla vehicles.

Upgraded suspension and brakes, with 250 metres of visual range and Tesla vision for assisted parking means you will always feel confident and secure on the road. With 360-degree rear, side and forward cameras ensures unparalleled confidence, making both the Model 3 and Model Y the safest EV cars in the world. 

There, Starts Here

Tesla is truly the market leader in electric vehicles, which is why East Coast Car Rentals has made a significant investment in providing a greener transportation alternative to futureproof road tripping for generations to come.

Getting There, Starts Here. Due to its carbon neutral efficiencies and the cost of recharging cheaper than fuel, your Tesla car rental experience can be the more affordable option, saving you money for the good stuff – enjoying your holiday!

Tesla Charging

There are many options available when it comes to charging your Tesla. An EV national charging (and supercharging) network encompasses a variety of public charging stations, giving Tesla drivers the freedom to travel anywhere! With 24/7 access, simple payment options, and apps for real-time chargers makes it too easy. There are charges of all speeds within the network, and the speed and which your Tesla charges is dependent upon the current battery life, and whether you’re using a standard (alternating), or super (direct) charger. Superchargers take just 1.5 hours to reach full charge.

The Supercharger network allows you to stay charged on the go. Plug in at a convenient location, grab a cup of coffee or a quick bite to eat and get back on the road. With 45,000+ global Superchargers, the network gives you the freedom to travel. To use a Supercharger, simply plug in and charge automatically. With the Tesla app, you can view Supercharger stall availability, monitor your charge status and get notified when you are ready to go.

Tesla Charging Station

Learn about your Tesla Model 3

Take your road trip to the next level! With so many features jam packed into the Tesla Model 3, be sure to maximise your Tesla car rental experience by utilising all the technology these stylish luxury EV have to offer.

Wanting to prepare yourself for your very first Tesla experience?! Get up to speed on how to open, power on and charge your Tesla – plus loads more! Check out these short tutorial videos, and more HERE.

Tesla Model Y - Charging

Learn about your Tesla Model Y

Elevate your road trip experience to new heights with the remarkable Tesla Model Y. Unleash the full potential of your Tesla car rental experience by immersing yourself in the abundance of cutting-edge technology packed into these luxurious electric vehicles.

Looking to familiarise yourself with the exciting world of Tesla? Get ready to drive into the realm of Tesla with a comprehensive collection of instructional videos, designed to guide you through essential tasks like unlocking, powering on and charging tour Tesla – plus loads more! Discover these short tutorial videos and more HERE.

Where can you rent a Tesla in Australia?

Tesla Car Rentals are currently available at three of our East Coast Car Rental locations; Tesla car rental Brisbane, Tesla car hire Sydney, and Tesla car hire Melbourne. The Model 3 is available to rent from our Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne branches and the Model Y is available to rent from our Sydney branch. 

As an organisation it is our goal to ensure EV Car Rental is available to all East Coast renters across our remaining locations; Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Launceston and Hobart by the end of 2024.

It’s best to plan in advance, to make sure you can secure your Tesla car rental in time for your next road trip.

Tesla Model 3 Features

East Coast Car Rentals Tesla Model 3 has all-wheel drive with 2 independent motors for improved redundancy, 360-degree cameras, 15-inch touch screen, over-the-air software updates, expansive glass roof with UV protection and performance brakes. It also comes with all the modern day features you would expect: power adjustable seats, Bluetooth media and audio, USB charging ports and smartphone wireless charging ports, and custom driver profiles for a true Tesla car rental experience. The spacious Model 3 car rental is perfectly comfortable for a small family or friends looking for a getaway for the weekend, or day to day business city driving. The cargo space allows for 2 large bags and 2 small bags, making our Tesla car rental perfect for any length of trip you are looking to venture on.

Tesla Model 3 Rental Car Spec sheet

Tesla Model Y Features

East Coast Car Rentals Tesla Model Y SUV offers an impressive range, allowing drivers to embark on long journeys without worrying about charging. The all-wheel drive is equipped with two independent motors, advanced auto-pilot capabilities, along with its network of cameras and sensors. Additionally, the Model Y comes equipped with a massive 15-inch touchscreen display, serving as the command centre for various functions including; navigation, media control and vehicle settings. The spacious Tesla Model Y is perfect for families or friends looking for a getaway in an SUV while being environmentally conscious. It’s panoramic glass roof extends over both rows of seats, providing an expansive view with plenty of natural light. The cargo space allows for two large bags and two small bags, perfect for any length of trip!

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