Pickup Instructions for Qantas Arrivals

Take advantage of our complimentary airport shuttle bus service to get to East Coast Car Rentals’ Sydney Branch:

After you have collected your luggage please call 1 800 474 258 or (+61) 07 5555 8908

Traveling Internationally? Download our step-by-step guide ahead of time to have ready for your arrival. Our PDF guide can be downloaded here.

Step 1

Upon exiting the aircraft follow the airport signs to the baggage claim area. With Qantas departure gates BEHIND you, use the escalator on your RIGHT side to exit to the baggage claim.

Step 2

Following the stairs down to the ground level you will see a “Welcome to Sydney Airport” sign with changing graphics.

Step 3

Coming down the stairs you will notice a sign that looks like this. If you have bags to pick up turn LEFT and follow the next steps. If you don’t exit the building and skip to Step 8.

Step 4

Follow the hallway STRAIGHT down to the carousels following the RED “Qantas Baggage Services” signs.

Step 5

By now you should notice the carousels on your LEFT. Continue straight until you’ve found the appropriate carousel for your bag.

Step 6

Now that you have collected your bags exit the building at carousel #2.

Exit the Building and Turn RIGHT

Step 7

Following the sidewalk STRAIGHT until you reach the end of the Taxi line.

Continue straight.

Step 8

At the end of the sidewalk you will reach a RED Qantas Arrivals sign – continue straight using the crosswalk to cross the street.

Step 9

Cross both crosswalks reaching a sign pointing you to Bays 4-7.

Continue to the next crosswalk.

Step 10

You’re almost there! Continue STRAIGHT for roughly 50 meters to Bays 4-7.

Step 11

Continue straight until you reach a BLUE Qantas Domestic Sign.

Following the sidewalk continue straight.

Step 12

You’ve made it! If there isn’t already, someone from our team will be here shortly to pick you up. Thank-you for renting with East Coast Car Rentals, we hope you enjoy your time here in Sydney.