Utilise our complimentary airport shuttle bus service to get to our East Coast Car Rentals’ Melbourne Airport Car Hire

After you have collected your luggage please call 1 800 474 258 or (+61) 07 5555 8908

Prepare for your flight by downloading our Terminal 3 Arrivals Step-by-Step guide here to have ready when you arrive.

Step 1

Upon exiting your airplane follow the signs to luggage carousals #1 and #2 to collect your bags.

Step 2

Once you’ve collected your bags turn LEFT making your way to the terminal exit.

Step 3

Continue STRAIGHT to the glass doors behind the pillar to exit the terminal.

Step 4

EXIT through the glass doors making your way to the crosswalk.

Step 5

Now that you are outside, cross the road looking for the BLUE Group Charters sign on your LEFT.

Step 6

Once you have crossed the road continue LEFT towards the Hotel & Off Airport Buses pickup.

Step 7

Continue straight until you reach a brown sign that reads, Hotel & Off Airport Buses.

Step 8

You’ve made it! If someone isn’t here already they will be shortly. Thank-you for renting with East Coast Car Rentals we hope you enjoy your time here in Melbourne.

Need Help?

At anytime along your journey please do not hesitate to call  1 800 474 258 for additional guided assistance.