• Take the time for regular rest stops along your road trip.

    Celebrate Australian Sleep Awareness Week by taking rest stops

    Hooray! Today is the first day of Australian Sleep Awareness Week.  Although this special event ends on Sunday, July 12, you can celebrate the message on every road trip by taking regular rest stops.  Before you drive  Worried that stopping to take a break will eat into your holiday time? Check out these three important […]

  • You're all packed and ready to rev the engine! Enjoy your road trip.

    Your ultimate guide to packing luggage for a road trip

    There are hundreds of articles on the good ol' world wide web about what to pack in your carry-on bag when boarding a flight – but what about road trips? Here at East Coast Car Rentals, we got your back(pack) and want you to have the best road trip, without sacrificing on leaving behind luggage. Here's […]

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