4 great deals in Cairns, Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Some people wake up on top of the world … literally. Our good friends at Queensland Balloon with Hot Air do this every morning and would love to have you with them one morning soon.

If you have never experienced a Hot Air Balloon ride then it is really time you should try, and why not take advantage of these 3 great offers? Watching the balloon fill in the morning darkness (yes, you do need to wake up early for this one) your excitement, anticipation and nervous energy ensure you are fully awake before it is time to climb into the basket. The noise of the burners above your head is soon blocked out when the sun creeps over the distant horizon as you rapidly climb away from the ground. Once the balloon is airborne the hot air is required less frequently and travelling with the soft morning breezes, you will be astounded by the serenity and beauty of this quiet flight.

Now is the time to try this amazing experience and it is suitable for the whole family. With these 4 offers for customers of East Coast Car Rentals, you will now save money on.

Four Orange Hot Air Balloons Floating in the Sky Elaborate Orange and Yellow Hot Air Balloon Featuring the Word Celebrate on a Blue Sky Background Orange and Yellow Striped Hot Air Balloon Landing in a Grassy Paddock Next to a Farmhouse