It’s that time of year again! Horses galloping across lush green racecourses, fashion lovers decked out to the nines in elegant and edgy racewear, some folk making millions – or at least, tens of thousands of dollars on lucky bets. The Melbourne Cup has been a tradition since 1861. It was so widely popular even back then, that just a few years after the inaugural race, it became a public holiday in the state of Victoria in 1877. Fast forward many decades and this glamorous event is around the corner this year, to be held on Tuesday, November 3 – but the entire week surrounding this international event will bedazzle visitors with high teas, Fashion on the Field events and charity galas galore. With that in mind, why should you rally the girls, hire a car in Melbourne and enjoy the entire week’s festivities? Well, for these reasons, of course – and then some! 1) It’s the perfect chance to dress up 
Somewhere inside every woman is the little girl who wants to play dress up, and the Melbourne Cup is the ultimate playground for doing exactly that. Don floral dresses and even more flowery fascinators before matching your shoes, bags and sunglasses together for a polished look. Even before you and the girls come to Melbourne, you can spend several weeks searching for the ideal outfit and swap notes on what looks good with what! 2) You can embrace your inner fashionista with regal fascinators 
No shape, size, design or colour is too outrageous for the Melbourne Cup. The bolder and bigger, the better. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different fascinators or hatinators – mixing and matching can often result in a fashion-forward and on point look! Try on different versions with your girls before your road​ trip to Melbourne, then wear these artful creations with pride on the big day itself. Who knows – you might even want to enter the on-course fashion contests for some lavish prizes! 3) You can spend the weekdays exploring Melbourne
Enjoy a cup of coffee with the girls at a Melbourne streetside cafe on Monday before the big Cup Day on Tuesday.
Enjoy a cup of coffee with the girls at a Melbourne streetside cafe on Monday before the big Cup Day on Tuesday.
With a plethora of charming streetside cafes and quality cuisine dished up in restaurants throughout this Victorian capital, there’s much to see and do in Melbourne. The art scene in particular is thriving venues such as the National Gallery of Victoria exhibiting ancient treasures as well as modern marvels. Contemporary art can be pondered in one of the myriad galleries dotted along the cobble-stoned city streets. Hosier Lane is a must visit – you can see live street artists spraypainting artworks onto the brick facade. 4) There are theme events just for the ladies

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The Sofitel Girls’ Day Out is the icing on the girls’ trip cake, with a free retail and entertainment precinct called Paris Lane located above the horse stalls. Here, you can enjoy watching millinery workshops and shop for exclusive items from Australia’s best milliners and designers. There are free nail bars and photobooths – say cheese! – and live acoustic music to groove to. Spot prizes are also on offer, so this destination is well worth a visit. 5) It’s the perfect chance to share a giggle with your gals  Ultimately, the Melbourne Cup has everything needed for a girly-girl getaway. Catch up and really enjoy spending quality time together!