How do I begin?

Becoming an East Coast Car Rentals Affiliate is very easy! Simply read through the Terms and contact us.

Once we have reviewed your application, we will forward all necessary information on how to proceed, including the source code for text, image and banner links as well as the Booking Form (if required) for you to place on your website.

How do I benefit from joining the East Coast Car Rentals Affiliate?

We’ll pay you a 10% commission on every successfully completed car rental reservation that is a direct result of someone clicking through from your site to ours! Alternately, a ‘ECP Code’ (East Coast Promotional Code) can be advertised, which when entered in our booking steps also credits you as the referrer.

What do I need to join the East Coast Car Rentals Affiliate Program?

To become an Affiliate for East Coast Car Rentals you must have a functioning web site that is of a related topic to car rental or travel and hosted on its own independent domain name.

Fill out the on-line Affiliate Application Form. East Coast Car Rentals retains the right to refuse any application for any reason, including linking to or displaying adult or questionable material or content that may be offensive or unsuitable in any way.

What will the link look like on my website?

The link can be text, an image or a banner. For those website’s that want to aggregate car hire directly on their site, then we can also provide the code to implement the booking form within your page(s).

How long does it take to join and get started?

We endeavour to review and reply to all applications within 48 hours. Upon acceptance, your account is created and you will receive a ‘welcome email’, containing in it all of the source code you will require.

While much of the program is in your hands, and as a result proceeds according to your timetable, most new Affiliates should be able to become a fully active and “live” in just a few days.

Is there a cost to become an Affiliate?

No! There are no set up costs, no registration fees or ongoing participation costs.

How Much Do you Pay?

East Coast Car Rentals will pay a referral fee of 10% of the Rental Rate per completed rental.

When and How Do I Get Paid?

You will be paid the commission due each month provided that the total commission owed is equal to or greater than A$50.00 or whenever the same amount is accumulated. Payments are monthly and are paid at the immediate conclusion of the month that the rentals complete.

Do I Get Paid For Every Time Someone Clicks On An East Coast Car Rentals Affiliate Banner?

East Coast Car Rentals will pay a commission on completed rentals when they have booked direct via the affiliate banner on your site or manually enter your ECP Code in the booking steps. No commissions will be paid for people simply clicking on the Affiliate banner.

Can I Get Commission On My Own Reservations?

Yes. As long as you actually end up renting the car and have booked it by clicking through your banner or use your ECP Code, you will receive a commission for your own reservation.

Can I Get One Payment for Multiple Sites?

Provided the website’s are approved by us first, you may add the Affiliate links to any website you manage. All commissions for multiple sites will be made in one payment, however you will not be able to use our booking system to determine which sites your reservations have come from.

How Do I See What I've Earned?

East Coast Car Rentals will provide each Affiliate with detailed statement of materialised bookings at the conclusion of each month.

Can I See What I've Earned All The Time?

We are completing the development of an online access portal so that you may, at any time, check the status of reservations and accrued commissions.

Why Has a Reservation Been Cancelled? How Come I Don't Show A Commission For It?

Commissions are paid only on successfully completed rentals, and not just reservations. Commissions are only payable for every customer who confirms a booking via an East Coast Car Rentals Affiliate banner or link on your web site, and then completes and pays for the rental in full.

If a customer chooses to cancel the reservation , does not show up, or if the reservation is not successfully completed, you do not receive any commission.

What is a "Successfully Completed" Reservation or Car Rental?

A Successfully Completed Rental is one where someone reserves a vehicle then actually shows up at the rental location, pays rental in full ,rents the vehicle at the times and dates specified, rental is returned and NIL outstanding balance to the Rental Agreement.