There are hundreds of articles on the good ol’ world wide web about what to pack in your carry-on bag when boarding a flight – but what about road trips?

Here at East Coast Car Rentals, we got your back(pack) and want you to have the best road trip, without sacrificing on leaving behind luggage. Here’s a handy guide on packing for the road.

Don’t give your boot the boot 

Before you stress about not having enough space in the car to keep all your luggage, relax! Even our smallest compact cars can fit one large and two small suitcases, so there’s enough room to pack your essentials and then some. If you opt for our larger 12-seater minibus, there’s ample space for a whopping six large and four small suitcases, so travel with ease.

an orange suitcase held by a woman with a blue dress.
Are you ready to start packing? Check out what to put in each bag below.

Large suitcase 

This should have items you don’t need to access regularly, such as pyjamas and toiletries for any overnight stays. To save on space as well as ensuring your packed hats maintain their shape, roll your underwear, socks and hosiery into little balls and place them inside your hat or cap. Lay it flat, and then put folded T-shirts and shorts around the circle of the hat. Spare footwear such as a pair of heels or dress shoes for fancier restaurants, should also go in here. Finally, pack some cards or mini board games for rest-stops on beaches and picnic tables.

Small stroller

This is where your neck pillow should be. Easy to get to with a simple unzipping movement, it will make long night drives more comfortable. A flashlight with back-up batteries goes here, too, along with a mini first-aid kit. You can never be too safe!

As for fun, portable speakers are also good additions to the small stroller so you can easily whisk them out when you stop off in parks and dance on the soft grass. Pack a pair of thongs and spare socks, too. Changing up your footwear mid-drive can feel refreshing, especially if your current shoes are sandy from lovely beaches.

Handbag or backpack 

Sunblock! Did you know Australia has one of the highest UV levels worldwide, strong enough to cause sunburn is as little as 11 minutes on a hot summer day, according to Sun Smart? Don’t forget to pack plenty of sunscreen in this bag so it’s always close at hand. Face wipes can also help make you feel fresher on long drives.

Water bottles, sunglasses, cameras, an extra pair of shorts (for when your bottoms get wet from the waves!) and maps should go here as well.

woman with suitcase on the road
You’re all packed and ready to rev the engine! Enjoy your road trip.