Summer is quickly approaching but do you know what you’re going to do with the family yet? As a parent, it’s your duty – nay, obligation – to plan a holiday that will thrill every family member to their core. Once you tell them about the trip you want to see their faces light up with ear-to-ear grins. This holiday will make you parent of the year, no questions asked.

Sounds great, right? There’s only one small problem – you don’t know what that holiday is.

Don’t worry, we have your trip all planned out for you. All you have to do is rent a roomy van fit for the whole family, pack your bags and hit the road. It’s time to embark on a family road trip to the best water parks in Australia. Don’t forget, when you tell this to the kids, pause for a dramatic effect and revel in their excitement. And let’s face it, this is going to be a pretty fun trip for you as well!

Rent a family van and hit some, if not all, of these water parks on your family holiday this year.

Jamberoo Action Park

With a name like Jamberoo Action Park, you know you’re about to experience some serious fun – and action, for that matter. The recently constructed Kangaroo Island includes elements like the Funnel Web – a funnel that shoots riders up to 30 kilometres an hour down its length.

Hovering about the Web is the Guinness World Records’ largest spider sculpture. It stands at 19.7 metres high by 22.2 m wide and 15 m in length. Good thing it’s just a statue!

The park also has delighting rides like the Clover Leaf Raft which twists and turns before dropping the raft into pool of water. Carry on these fun memories as you hit the road to your next destination on the great family water park road trip.

children wearing goggles in a pool
These water parks have fun for all ages.

Adventure World

True to its name, there is adventure around every corner at Adventure World. This park has a little something for everyone as it also includes dry land rides. Slip down slides and learn for yourself why one ride in particular was appropriately named Tunnel of Terror.

Delicately step around the massive Skull Rock and journey to Rocky Mountain Rapids. Be warned, this ride starts of deceivingly tame, that is until you hit the rough white waters.

Of course, if anyone gets too scared by any of the rides, there is always the opportunity to cuddle a kola, a remedy that is sure to make anyone immediately forget about fear. Once you’ve gotten your perfect picture with one of these furry creatures, you’re ready to begin the next leg of the road trip.

WhiteWater World

Opened in just 2006, this is one of Australia’s newer water parks. As such, it is uses advanced technology to create bigger and better splashes. And, not to mention it is an environmentally conscious park that only uses water in the most efficient way possible, so you can feel good about taking the family here!

This park has quite a few activities for younger children as well. Learn to surf in the Surf School wave pool, or play it cool in Wiggle Bay. Or, you can always kick it up a notch and take on the Wedgie – it doesn’t take much imagination to learn how this ride got it’s name, and yet somehow you’re probably still curious enough to try it.

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kids in the back seat and boot of an SUV
Road tripping across Australia will be part of the fun.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Park

We’ve saved Wet ‘n’ Wild for last because not only is it the largest water park in Australia, it has also been recognised as the eighth best water park in the world. Located on Australia’s Gold Coast, Wet ‘n’ Wild is open year round and features some of the most extreme water slides you’ve ever come across in your life.

Step into the Blackhole, if you dare. It’s an enclosed tube that tangles around an adjacent tube so you and another family member can ride in tandem. The only catch: the tube is pitch black. By the end of this slide, you’ll be able to tell who is really afraid of the dark!

Other rides include the family-friendly Tornado, a funnel that has riders swiftly careening down its slippery slope at 40 km/h. Check out what other rides this exciting water park has to offer on your family road trip.

Quick side note: There is also a Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney, which is just as thrilling if you’re in the area!

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