Don’t let winter scare you off the idea of a road trip. The colder season has a lot to offer travellers who are willing to change things up and escape the popular summer months. 

Here’s how you can make the most of a winter getaway in your East Coast hire car

Focus on the winter attractions

This may sound like an obvious suggestion, but it’s an important consideration. Winter provides you with a chance to see another side of the country you’re travelling through. Don’t waste the opportunity by sticking to rainy day options or summer attractions that you’re hoping to catch on a fine day. 

Research events or activities specific to the winter months for the route you’re looking to travel. For example, every year Melbourne’s Federation Square is transformed into a massive ice rink for everyone to enjoy come the cooler months. A part of the Winter Village, you’ll enjoy a great day out with igloos, ice skating and hot chocolate stands. 

Plus, why think about beaches when winter provides you with snow boarding and skiing? By celebrating the things the cold season brings, instead of trying to make up for the loss of summer, you might just find winter is the perfect time to travel

Check seasonal availability

Before setting your heart on visiting somewhere, make sure you check its seasonal availability. As discussed above, winter has much to offer travellers but not all activities or locations are open year round. 

Look into opening hours, and if you can’t find anything to indicate one way or the other, make sure you have back up options to enjoy should your first choice fall through. 

Always have spare blankets and towels in your hire car

Don’t get caught out by a rain storm. Packing spare blankets and towels in your hire car lets you dry off and warm up should you get soaked through. It also gives you something to sit on, so that your seats don’t become wet and uncomfortable for your journey. 

Pack snacks and a thermos

If you’ve ever wondered whether cold temperatures leave you hungrier, you’re not alone. Fewer hours of sunlight, the chill in the air, and the ensuing biological changes winter causes all can impact how much you eat, as well as what you’re craving. 

Mixing cold and hunger together can result in something miserable. However, having tasty treats waiting in your hire car along with a thermos of something hot can bring cheer to your winter road trip days. 

Wear layers in the car

You might find yourself tempted to reduce the layers when jumping into the car. After all, heaters are a marvelous addition to any great hire car. However, remember that not everyone that you’re road tripping with will agree on what you believe the ideal temperature is. On top of that, you might need to sacrifice comfort to combat windows steaming up.

Taking layers with you into the car allows you to adjust according to your personal preferences, helping you to better enjoy the journey.

Allow extra time in your itinerary

During winter you’ll face shorter daylight hours, as well as potentially tougher road conditions. You need to account for both of these things in your itinerary. This helps reduce stress around timing, while also ensuring you’re not racing the sun to see everything before night falls. 

It also allows you to take more care around driving conditions. Knowing you’ve plenty of time to get to your next stop lets you slow down or stop should the weather go through a particularly bad patch. 

Research your route

Looking into the route you’re going to take and researching the winter conditions you can expect helps you prepare for your journey. For example, knowing that you’re sticking to main highways helps reassure you that you can likely expect decent driving conditions. However, if you’re heading up into the mountains it’s important to know if you’ll encounter any snow. How high you intend to go matters as well, as you can’t drive above the snow line in your hire car under the rental terms and conditions. 

Learning about the winter driving conditions in Australia and NZ allows you to head out on your road trip with confidence.

If you want to experience the wonders a winter journey has to offer, make sure you book your hire car with East Coast Car Rentals today.