When was the last time you visited Australia’s great capital? Canberra was chosen to be this country’s capital for a reason, and wasn’t just about appeasing the great rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne. If it’s been a while since you’ve explored this great city, then you need to jump in your rental car and start driving to see what you’ve been missing out on, because there’s a lot!

So here’s what we propose: You get the car and we’ll provide the low-down on all the amazing things to do in Canberra that you just can’t miss. Deal? Great, let’s get going!

But first, a little history 

We feel like we should first give a little salute to Canberra by sharing its colourful history with you. The land was originally settled by the Ngunnawal people. They lived there for hundreds of years – perhaps even longer – until the Europeans arrived in the early 1800s. Around 1901, the Commonwealth Parliament was formed in Melbourne, the unofficial national capital. The government decided that they needed an official capital and narrowed it down to Bombala, Yass-Canberra and Orange. Of course, Yass-Canberra was dubbed the winner in 1911, though the city wasn’t officially named Canberra until 1913.

But now let’s get to the good stuff – because this capital city does not disappoint when it comes to activities!

There's lots to do in Australia's capital city.
There’s lots to do in Australia’s capital city.

Australian War Memorial 

The Australian War Memorial is one of Canberra’s biggest attractions. The best way to experience this site is to take a guided tour so you can learn all the interesting and fun facts you never knew about the Australia’s war history. Here, you’ll find a shrine, museum and an extensive archive section. It’s a beautiful tribute to those who have served our country!

Australian National Botanic Gardens 

Gardens are good fun for the whole family, and Australia’s National Botanic Gardens are not to be missed. Take in all the sights and smells of the native plants collected from around the country. As you stroll from garden to garden, you can observe the beautiful nature up close and personal and learn quite a bit about this country’s amazing wildlife.


Questacon might be targeted to kids, but trust us, it’s a whole lot of fun for everyone. This is the national science and technology centre so it’s the perfect place to take kids who are interested in these subjects – but even if they’re not, they likely will by the end of this visit.  Kids can participate in all kinds of workshops and even play around with robots. It’s a must-do outing.

It also has impressive collections from all over the world.

National Gallery of Australia 

The National Gallery of Australia doesn’t just feature the country’s amazing art, but it also has impressive collections from all over the world. Spend hours getting lost in the exhibits, as many are interactive as well! And if the family is inspired to take on some arts and crafts of their own, you can always partake in one of the classes offered in the gallery.

Lake Burley Griffin 

And of course, we can’t go without giving a nod to the great Lake Burley Griffin. Spend a day enjoying the waterfront. Picnic along the edge of the water or take the family out on a kayaking or sailing adventure! A day at the lake is the perfect way to cap this trip for sure.

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