As the summer days are slowly leaving us behind, families and friends will be looking for new ways to entertain during autumn when beaches become less popular.

Going on a road trip is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your weekends and any spare time, and if you find yourself around Australia’s largest city, Sydney, keep on eye out for the events listed below to ensure a great time for whoever you’re travelling with.

There are events for the bearded hipsters among you, or the food-loving family members (who isn’t?), for those with a deep-seated passion of music and anyone who likes a serious thrill. Sydney has it all, and the only thing you need to do is get yourself there with a car rental in the Sydney airport.

Get into the alternative culture

Starting at the Finders Keepers Markets in the Australian Technology Park on Locomotive Street, explore over 200 stalls from independent artists, designers and creators from all over the country. There will surely be something for everyone here, including a sweet beard oil or two, some fantastic woodwork skills on show and, of course, two bars to enjoy a cold brew while enjoying the scene. The Finder Keepers Markets are on the weekend after ANZAC Day (April 29-May 1), so take a few days off work after the public holiday in New South Wales to spend some time exploring Sydney in your hire car.

The Bjork Digital Exhibition will showcase some of the very best video production techniques.

Later in the year, from the beginning of June, the world premiere of the Bjork Digital Exhibition is on at the Carriageworks in Eveleigh. Bjork is a musician who has created seven 360-degree videos using some clever technology that is pushing the bounds of virtual reality. If you’re at all interested in filmmaking or video production, then this will showcase some of the very best.

For a little bit more of a raucous day out, the Sydney Darts Exhibition Cup runs on June 18 this year, in the Grand Ballroom at 99 on York. The second running of this popular event could well be the most fun you ever have in dress-up, drinking beer and watching some extremely talented sports stars throwing sharp sticks at a tiny target. Amazing fun.

Eat your way around Sydney

On April 22, local beekeeper Doug Purdie will be running a honey master class at the Shangri-La Hotel – home to nine rooftop beehives of its own. After an explanation of the honey-making process, a honey-themed dinner will be put on for guests that is curated with matching local beers. According to Bee Aware Australia, there are more than 520,000 hives in the country, so it’s a popular industry and the sweet thought of a delicious meal and some fabulous drinks won’t keep you away for long.

Another event for the foodies among us is the fermentation workshop running all day on May 8. This hands-on experience will guide guests through the processes of fermentation as well as teach you about making your own sauerkraut and kombucha, to name but a few. A messy and extremely enjoyable experience awaits you at 107 Projects in Redfern, so pack the apron into the back of your East Coast Car Rentals vehicle and gear up for a day that will change the way you cook forever!


Go Grease Lightning!

Once you’ve eaten your way through all of the markets, cafes, restaurants and bars around Sydney, you might want your next excursion to be a more cultural experience. For this, we’ve got The Original Grease musical in all its raunchy glory. On stage from April 6 at the Seymour Centre, your favourite movie characters find their way down under for something of a revolutionary performance. All of the teenage angst and drama is played out to perfection, and you’ll be driving back to the Sydney airport in with the classic tracks playing loud and proud. This is an opportunity not to be missed for you and your closest friends.

For a more refined theatre performance, the world-famous ballet, Swan Lake, will be performed from April 1 at the Sydney Opera House. What an amazing opportunity to see Australia’s most iconic building as it was intended to be used! You’ll be dazzled by the Swan Queen, the stunning white tutus and the incredible, original score from Tchaikovsky – a bewitching experience indeed, and one that you absolutely won’t want to pass up when in the Harbour City.

Even if you weren’t planning on visiting the New South Wales capital, we bet you are now! With so much to see and do, your road trip in an East Coast Car Rentals vehicle will surely be something you’ll never forget. Food, fun, family and friends, there’s so much to do between now and the start of winter. The fun continues all year round, and you can access it with car hire in Sydney.