Rainy days don’t have to get in the way of exploring, especially in a city like Sydney. No matter the weather, you’ll always find something to enjoy! Here are seven of our favourite activities to make the best use of a day spent indoors. Grab your hire car and head on out!

1. Sydney’s Sea Life Aquarium

Why not mix water with more water? More than 13,000 aquatic animals are waiting to meet you at Sydney’s Sea Life Aquarium. Escape the rain and go say hello! Wander through the glass walk-through tunnel, peer into 90 odd tanks and spot their occupants or stop in for one of the educational shows that are run daily. 


2. Jenolan Caves

You won't be bothered by rain when you're exploring the realms underneath Australia's Blue Mountains. Look up in awe at incredible limestone formations rather than dark ominous clouds and consider sticking around to attend one of the concerts held in these great caverns. 

3. Escape the rain, and the room

Escape rooms have escalated in popularity over the past couple of years, and a rainy day is a great chance to find out why! Switch being stuck in your Sydney hire car with road trip buddies for being locked in a room with them instead. Puzzle your way through a variety of clues that offer you a chance to escape. However, don't dally too much! The timer ticking down adds an element of pressure to the game. Can you outwit the room and break free?

4. Cuddle up with a hot chocolate

Most people would agree – there's nothing quite like a hot chocolate to warm you up on a dreary and rainy day. Between the rich sweetness and the heated mug clasped in your hand, chills don't stand a chance! 

Make sure you hunt down some of Sydney's best coffee houses to supply you with this indulgent treat in between your rainy day activities. Our recommendations include:

  • Adora Handmade Chocolates – As the name suggests, chocolate is the name of the game at this cafe. Where better could you indulge in a hot chocolate, than somewhere that specialises in making the core ingredient?
  • Koko Black – Get ready to use both hands to hold this mug. Quality dark chocolate is used to create the hot chocolates at this cafe, and they don't hold back with serving sizes. 
  • Kakawa – If sweetness isn't your style, don't worry – this spot has you sorted. These hot drinks delve into the depths of flavour within the chocolate, revealing bitter, smoky and captivating undercurrents. 

5. Indoor rock climbing

Climb out of your rainy day funk. Just because it's wet outside doesn't mean you can't get your blood pumping, and indoor rock climbing is a perfect way to do so. Whether you've never attempted to scale a rock wall before or if you fly up them with ease, you're bound to find something to suit your tastes with the range Sydney has on offer. 

6. Have a spa day

Treat yourself. Get your worries massaged away and let others do the hard work for you while you relax to the sound of rain drumming down outside. Travelling can be full on, so why not take the chance to pamper yourself when the weather keeps you inside?

7. Go underground

We're not talking about the Jenolan caves this time. Instead, think craft beer, specialty cocktails and the underground bars scattered around Sydney. Relax and chat the afternoon away with a drink in hand. These cozy dens are an ideal way to escape the rain. Each has its own personality, so you can pick out one (or more) that best suits the theme of your road trip adventure.  Let lady luck decide who'll sober drive with a coin toss, then head underground! 

Don’t waste any time on your Australian East Coast road trip. Be prepared in case a rainy day strikes and enjoy seeing another side to Sydney. Book your hire car today!