Because Australia is so vast, you can have a tough time when deciding what to see and what you may have to miss out on when planning your road trip. This is especially true if your journey is constrained by time, of course, seeing the Great Ocean Road, Big Banana and the Sydney Opera House are givens, but what else could you be missing out on?

Barbecues on Bondi Beach, Sydney 

Australia's most famous beach is renowned for its shimmering sands and sapphire seas, but take a brisk walk up to its northern end to find an area called the Grassy Knoll. Forget lumbering along a cumbersome barbecue with you, as they are all provided and are operated by coin. You'll also find several picnic shelters and great views of the legendary beach.

The best coffee in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city famously in love with coffee, so what better way to perk yourself up than by paying a visit to its original coffee house, Pellegrini's?

This iconic Melbourne venue has operated on the same spot since its doors first swung open in 1954, and has even used the same blend of beans – Brazil Rex. As the coffee capital of Australia, Melburnians are particular about their brews, so it's no easy feat getting nominated for the Hall Of Fame award in The Age Good Cafe Guide, as Pellegrini's has.

Go German in the Adelaide Hills

Don your lederhosen, chew a sausage and say 'hallo!' as you make your way to Hahndorf, South Australia. No, you haven't just landed in some far-flung corner of Deutschland, as Hanhdorf is Australia's oldest German settlement and it has long been an immensely popular, attractive town.

This Teutonic town is home to ancient Lutheran churches, fine architecture in a European style and many independent boutiques and craft stores. What's more, it's located right in the heart of wine country, so there or several cellar doors for you to explore.

Beach peach

What's Australia famous for? Kangaroos and the beach, of course! Now you can kill two birds with one stone (not literally, of course. Besides, if it's a cassowary it'll probably beat you up) by heading on down to Batemans Bay on New South Wales' southern edge. Both Depot Beach and Pebbly Beach, just north of the bay, are outstanding spots for wildlife-watching. Kangaroos graze freely on the shore and pods of dolphins often visit.

The beaches aren't just fantastic fauna areas, however. The surf is both of a high quality and safe, fine rock fishing can also be had and, best of all, it's pretty secluded.