The Gold Coast has many attractions that are a great opportunity for adventure with your mates. Here are just a couple to enjoy while you're there.

Jet boating

This is a thrilling activity that is a must when you're on the Gold Coast. Both locals and visitors to the area flock to take part. There are a number of operators offering jet boating services, including Jet X, Ocean Jet and Jetboat Extreme. The first and biggest operator on the Gold Coast, Paradise Jet Boating, opened in 2004, has given almost 200,000 people the time of their life.

Going out on the jet boats is definitely an experience. Your heartbeat will quicken and your cheeks will be flushed from the chilly air racing past and the spray of the sea. With Paradise Jet Boating, you will get both the excitement of heading out on these boats as well as the chance to witness the gorgeous coastline of this location.

The boats are some of the best, with the ability to spin 360 degrees, high-speed drift and zip right up along the beach, nimble and quick even in just 10cm of water. They hold 48 passengers, so you can have this experience with all of your friends.

These tours operate from the Gold Coast Broadwater and Moreton Bay Marine Park.


For a thrill unlike any other, book yourself in to skydive with your friends. Again, there are a lot of companies to choose from, such as Gold Coast Skydive, Adrenalin and more. With Red Balloon, you can have a tandem skydiving experience that you'll never forget.

With this company, you'll be looked after from start to finish, so you can rest assured you're completely safe and can just enjoy the experience. First, you'll have a 15 minute training session where you'll go over what you need to know about the equipment, how to exit the plane and techniques for free falling. 

With your instructor, you'll head to the aircraft and take off. Your adrenaline and excitement will continue to build as you go higher and higher, eventually settling at 12,000 feet. 

Once you're harnessed in, you'll jump from the plane with your instructor and free fall through the air. These 45 seconds, when you're falling at 200kmph are definitely the rush of a lifetime. The whole of this picturesque location will stretch out below you. 

When you reach terminal velocity, the instructor will release the parachute and you'll float gently back to earth. The soft sandy beach at Kirra makes for a comfortable landing and a great place to end this experience.

Treetop challenge

What better way to experience the lush native bush of the Gold Coast than with a treetop challenge? This adventure experience takes you and your friends right into the canopy of the trees.

In France, 15 years ago, Denis Payan had the great idea to create a playground both kids and adults could enjoy. He used his military commando training to create Adventure Parc, an adventure opportunity in treetops. The idea was incredibly popular, and has been reinvented around the world.

On the Gold Coast, the Tree Top Challenge will take you through nine acres of natural forests, with 85 challenges, both rope and wire, and five courses. You'll walk through the verdant bushland, climb ladders, walk along suspension bridges and whiz through the trees on 11 flying foxes, some stretching out over 100m. 

With all of the safety equipment supplied, all you need to take along is a good pair of shoes and a sense of adventure.

The park is located on the corner of Tamborine Mountain Road and Cedar Creek Falls Road, North Tamborine. It's easy to get to from central Gold Coast, and takes less than an hour if you're travelling by Gold Coast car rental.