Port Lincoln is a stunning, relaxed and lovely place to visit. Natural delights abound and there are great opportunities to enjoy a delicious meal and experience the culture of Port Lincoln and Australia as a whole.

Getting there

A wonderful way to make the journey to Port Lincoln from Adelaide is with a rental car and ferry. The ferry port is at Wallaroo, which you can get to via the Copper Coast Highway and is about two hours out of the city.

The ferry journey takes about two hours as well, taking you across Spencer Gulf. When you reach your destination, Lucky Bay which is near Cowell, it's a two hour drive to Port Lincoln. Every part of the journey brings with it sights and scenes of glorious South Australia. You'll see the vibrant and luscious aqua ocean, farms and vineyards.


When you get to Port Lincoln, you'll probably be wanting to relax and stretch your legs, and Lincoln National Park is the perfect place to do so. This park is unique in that it offers views of the picturesque coastline of South Australia, as well as sand dunes, islands and wildlife.

Walk down one of the nature paths and trails, swim in the sea, watch the birds and whales. There are more than 123 species of birds alone, including many colourful native breeds. There are also Australian sea-lions and pods of bottle-nosed dolphins. Along your walk, you'll see information boards and lookouts. Pack a picnic and enjoy lunch here, at one of the many picture perfect areas.


Round out your trip with a visit to an art gallery or the cinema. The Civic Hall and Nautilus Theatre is a great place to visit. The current hall was redeveloped in 2001 and is fresh and modern. The original structure was built in 1879, and survived being rebuilt and renamed, fires and time.

There are exciting events happening all the time, including Wunderkammer on September 27 from 7:30pm-9:00pm. In this show, seven talented performers take to the stage, in an innovative and fantastic show that is inspired by the circus, with ropes, balloons and hoops.

Be sure to also check out the gallery, which is open Monday to Friday 10:00am-3:00pm and Saturday 10:00am-1:00pm.

Catch a film at the West Coast Youth and Community. The complex plays the latest and greatest films that are taking the world by storm with the help of various clubs and community figures. The cinema and complex are actually part of a bigger plan to give the youth of the area a safe and fun place to go.


Affectionately known as the seafood capital of Australia, Port Lincoln has some delicious food to try. Two fine eateries are the Grand Tasman Hotel and  Del Giorno's Cafe and Restaurant. 

The Grand Tasman has some world famous seafood and wine. The dishes highlight the catch of the day along with fresh home grown produce. The great food, contemporary flair and rustic, comfortable vibe is all you need to enjoy your night out. 

Whether you choose a main From the Surf or From the Land sections, you're in for a treat. A highlight from the former is the Mediterranean Prawns and Scallop Skewers with Jasmine Rice.

Del Giorno's is another eatery that focuses on seafood and channels modern Australia. The restaurant and cafe has won awards and is definitely worth a try. The Zuppa soup of the day, local fresh oysters, and devilled scallops wrapped in bacon on steamed rice with cream and chili sauce are all must-try items, as are the range of pizzas available. Head on over with your friends and get a few dishes to share.