If you were to type 'Cheeseville' into your satellite navigation system, your device will direct you to one of four places. There are two Cheeseville's in the United States, one in Wisconsin, the other in Florida. Both are fair way to travel in an East Coast Car Rentals vehicle, so please don't attempt this. The final option that your gadget may offer you will hopefully be South Australia. Confused? Don't be. 

South Australia is a haven of weird, wonderful and traditional cheeses, and Adelaide plays host to Australia's most pungent festival, Cheesefest, which rolls into town every October. A head-spinning array of cheeses, from gourmet goudas to moreish mozzarella can be found across various restaurants and independent cheesemongers across South Australia, so jump into your hire car and follow the trail … You'll find cheeses you've never heard of (Humboldt Fog, anyone?) charcoal-coloured cheese and traditional cheeses that you know and love.

Blessed Cheese   

Blessed Cheese is a happy blend of cafe and cheese emporium, specialising in fine, hand-crafted cheeses, gourmet foods and local produce. You can relax with a coffee or a glass of finest red in their licensed restaurant, before choosing from the extensive breakfast and lunch menu. Upon finishing your sumptuous meal, take your time to peruse Blessed Cheese's outstanding selection of regional, national and imported cheeses from around the world, hand-picked by the expert proprietors.

Blessed Cheese also doubles as the start point of the McLaren Vale Cheese and Wine Trail. Pick up a picnic hamper from the shop, packed with a multicoloured multitude of cheeses, and set off on your way. You'll find some of the most delectable wine cellars in South Australia on the trail, the liquid of the grape always the perfect accompaniment to a decent cheddar.

Udder Delights  

The outstandingly named Udder Delights Cheese Factory, just a 30 minute drive from Adelaide, started as a small goat dairy but is now known as a quality brand throughout Australia, featuring a good range of goat and cows' milk cheeses. You'll find a delightful restaurant serving a comprehensive range of homemade food, changing regularly in reflection of the local produce available. Udder Delights showcases a broad selection of artisan cheeses, from Goats Camembert to Adelaide Hills Double Cream Brie.

If you're betrothed, why not consider a cheese wedding cake? A quirky alternative to the traditional tiered dessert, Udder Delights boasts a diverse array of these towering feasts for your pleasure and can even design one bespoke to your requirements. It really would give your guests something to remember the day by!

Finally, if your tastebuds are impressed by Udder Delights and their product, you could always turn your hand to the art itself, as the Factory offers cheesemaking classes throughout the year. You'll be guided through each step of the process, getting hands on with in the procedure and, perhaps best of all, you'll get to eat everything you create!    

Make the most of the South Australia's cheese trails by hiring a vehicle from East Coast Car Rentals, but just be sure to bring us back a sample of Double Gloucester!