Late last month (March 26) we posted that Tourism Australia was seeking applicants for one of six “Best Jobs in the World“.

Applications are now closed, but the competition has only just begun. The judges received a grand total of 40,000 entries from all around the globe, proving just how many people want to experience the Australian lifestyle.

Judges now have the difficult job of narrowing down the entries – a shortlist of 25 applicants is due to be announced on April 24.

While there can only be six winners, Tourism Australia managing director Andrew McEvoy reminds people that they can apply for a Working Holiday visa any time.

“This competition provides a platform to entice more young people from around the world to come to Australia to holiday, using the Working Holiday Maker program in particular to extend their stay and travel deeper into our country,” Mr McEvoy said in a statement.

So far, this plan seems to be working – nearly 300,000 new people have liked the working holiday maker Facebook page since the competition was announced.

The six jobs on offer are: NSW Chief Funster (which attracted 20.2 per cent of entries), South Australia Wildlife Caretaker (19.9 per cent), Queensland Park Ranger (17.5 per cent), Western Australia Taste Master (14.7 per cent), Northern Territory Outback Adventurer (14.3 per cent) and Victoria Lifestyle Photographer (13.4 per cent).

It may be too late to enter, but you’ll be happy to know that you can still enjoy the ultimate Australian experience without having to work!

Whether you want to get up to all sorts of fun in NSW or explore the outback in the Northern Territory, you can do this as a visitor to our beautiful country.

If you live in Australia, then you may want to also take note of the six “best jobs” on offer – have you experienced all of these Australian activities yet?

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To find out the winners of the Best Jobs competition, be sure to keep an eye on the Tourism Australia website.