Our Hobart employees aren’t just rental experts – they are also excellent local guides to the city of Hobart. Below are a list of local favourites from some of our Hobart agents themselves. Everything from their to-go cafes, how they enjoy spending their days off, long weekends, and recommendations on how you should spend any free days you have visiting the great Tasmanian City of Hobart.

Hash, Rental Sales Agent

Where is the best café to visit in Hobart?

Room for a Pony is a great spot located in North Hobart. Great coffee, food and if you’ve got a dog with you this is the spot to be – the café is dogo friendly. Another favourite of mine is the Sisterhood café in Sandy Bay – this new trendy café has taking over Hobart. The great environment and friendly staff in addition to their large menu make add it to the list of must’s when you’re in Hobart.

What is your favourite tourist thing to do in Hobart on your day off?

On my day’s off, I enjoying making my way down to the Royal Botanical Gardens, its just a great time to relax and enjoy the fresh Tasmania air.

You have a long weekend coming up – where are you headed to enjoy it?

When I get the chance, I love to hop in my car and make my way up the coast. Road tripping up the East Coast of Tasmania is the best as you pass through so many small towns and get to try a variety of new cafes and pubs along the way. It’s a great way to experience Tasmania as a local and get off the beaten path a little bit.

If someone has the day free before their flight from Hobart airport, what should they do?

Head to MONA and spend the whole day there discovering all the weird and wacky art, and when your brain is overloaded, sit outside, and have some food and drinks and listen to live music.

Chris, Rental Sales Agent

What is the best Café in Hobart?

Red Square Café must be my favourite – it has nice food, close to airport, perfect for quick bite before or soon after flight

What is the best thing to do on a day off in Hobart?

If weather in nice I typically hop in car and take the quick drive to Seven-Mile Beach or even to Bruny Island if we are looking to get out of the city for the day. It’s only a 50-minute drive and a true Tasmanian Experience.

How should someone spend a long weekend in Hobart?

On our long weekends we love to get out of the city. Heading up to Swansea, and St Helens to enjoy the white sandy beaches of wine glass bay will never disappoint you. The small towns along the way are perfect for a quick stop for coffee or food.

If someone has the day free in Hobart before their flight what should they do?

Spend time to explore the city. I think when people come to Hobart, they can often focus on everything around it – sometimes the best thing to do is to park your car and stretch those legs – see the street of Hobart for yourself. If you’re here on a Saturday, you need to go to the Salamanca Markets – the perfect spot of any last-minute gift ideas or a bite to eat from one of the numerous food stalls.

Bianca, Rental Sales Agent

What is your go-to café in Hobart?

A little hidden gem of mine is the Wok and Roll Café. Located in the neighbourhood of Sorell, Wok and Roll has great Asian food and is the perfect stop to make on your way out to Port Arthur.

How do you spend your days off in Hobart?

The Zoodoo Zoo in Richmond is always a great time and it’s a eventful family activity – perfect for the kiddos.

What is the best thing do in Hobart over the long weekend?

An hour north of Hobart is a village by the name of Orford – the town is perfect for a little R&R with some nice Airbnb options available you’ll leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Jessica, Rental Sales Agent

Where are the best restaurants to visit in Hobart?

I have two favourites the first must be Lord of Pizza’s and Café – this is one of the only places in Hobart you can get your hands on some hand stretched New York style pizza and it doesn’t disappoint. Second would be, The Hanging Garden, hidden in plain sight as they say. Is a fun, unexpected venue in Hobart with a variety of food and drink options and a interior design that brings a BIG city feel.

On your days off what is your favourite tourist thing to do in Hobart?

It’s always fun to head down to the Old Richmond Bridge. Being only a short drive out of Hobart its easy to spend the morning or afternoon walking the surrounding area and feeding the ducks as they pass under the bridge. The Richmond bridge is also near by the historic village of Richmond, a wonderful place to spend the day.

What is the best way to spend a long weekend in Hobart?

Assuming you’re an adventure seeker you need to plan a weekend around the Tasman Peninsula walks. Only an hour and a half drive to one of Australia’s greatest national parks. You are welcomed with trails ranging in lengths of one hour to multiple days. Depending on how big of an adventure you’re up for there is definitely a trail here that’s perfect for you.

Amer, Rental Sales Agent

What is the best way to spend a day off in Hobart?

I would head towards the East Coast and depending on the time I got to spare I will be heading up towards Bay of Fires. Stopping along the way at two or more the following destinations: Orford (Beaches, access to Maria Island), Bicheno (Penguin tours), Freycinet National Park (Wineglass Bay, Cruise, Beaches, Helicopter tour). All great options – if I was only to choose one it would be Freycinet National Park and spend the day hike around Wineglass Bay.

What is the best thing to do on a Hobart long weekend?

On a three-day weekend I would love to drive towards West coast via Cradle Mountain. The first stop would be Cradle Mountain (Dove Lake) (walks from 15mins up to days) next stop would be Iron blow lookout, it gives us a bird’s eye view of the open cut mine with the stains of mineral deposits, next stop would be Queenstown. After that I would head towards Strahan where we can do the famous Gordon River Cruise which takes into wilderness world heritage area. Next thing to do on the west coast would be half day tour in a train which starts from Macquarie Harbor into the ancient rainforest and mountains. Before heading back my final stop would be the town of Stanley, located the Northwestern tip of Tasmania – the small town brings classic romantic vibes being filled with historic colonial buildings.

What is the best thing to do in Hobart before your flight?

If I have a day to spare before my flight, I would love to go to the Heritage Salmon Ponds which is on the way towards Russell falls (1hr 15mins drive from city). The salmon ponds are the oldest trout hatchery in the Sothern hemisphere, and you can even feed the fish there. Depending on how much time I have, I would like to make a stop at the Westerway Raspberry Farm where we can pick and choose from wide range of berries. The final stop would be Russell falls (Mt field National Park), personally these are the most beautiful falls you’ll see in Tasmania – only a 15 minute walk from the car park it’s the perfect stop to wrap up your Tasmania road trip.

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