The days of travelling with heavy guidebooks in tow is long gone. Now all you need is a smartphone, occasional Wi-Fi and a selection of handy apps. Just don't forget your charger!

Before you head off from our car hire in Auckland, here's a list of useful apps for planning and executing your New Zealand road trip.

1. Camper Mate and NZ Doc Campsite Finder

OK, that's two apps, but they have the same purpose. Camper Mate: We've lost count of the number of times someone has told us to download Camper Mate. This handy app lists up-to-date information on tons of campsites. They include a list of facilities so you can check that the campsite has everything you need. 

If you're interested in camping and want to keep it cheap, here's another good option. The New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC) runs a selection of campsites all over the country and the most basic are free to use. Their app has GPS coordinates too, so you can be sure you'll reach your night's accommodation.


Not by any means limited to New Zealand, this app works offline. Limited data and Wi-Fi access are no problem when you've got Just make sure to download the map area you will be travelling through before you set off so you don't need to stay connected. You can pin places and even categorise your pins so you'll never forget that awesome place you heard about on the road.

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3. Gaspy

Cost of fuel is important if you are road tripping in New Zealand. This app helps your budget by identifying the cheapest fuel in your area. It's all put together by drivers updating prices when they fill up, so you can be part of the action and help other travellers save dollars.

4. Essential New Zealand Travel

Put together by Tourism New Zealand, this app covers all kinds of activities and attractions you may want to visit. You can search nearby or look at their top recommended experience. If you've found too many interesting things to remember, use their wish list feature to keep track.

5. MetService

The official New Zealand weather service is a handy app to help you plan your day. Weather in NZ is certainly changeable, so use this app to be in with the best chance of staying dry when it rains and being out and about when it shines.

Download your apps and head on over to our website to get your care hire booked