What better way to experience the glorious city of Sydney with your loved one than with a picnic? Take a moment away from the hustle and bustle to spend some quality time alone. Grab some delicious treats at the local supermarket and head off to these top locations:

Auburn Botanical Gardens

This is where having your own set of wheels comes in handy. A Sydney rental car can get you from the CBD to these gardens in about 30 minutes. You’ll find plenty of free parking, and it is worth the drive. Before you find a spot to have your picnic, you can make your way through the 9.2 hectares of lush parkland and learn more about the birds and native animals of the area, as well as the plants and gardening.

The garden has many sections, including the Sunken Rose Garden and the Japanese Garden. Each section is incredibly attractive, but the Japanese Garden is a definite highlight. There are authentic bridges over clear lakes, gorgeous trees and a number of ornamental gates. The area is often used for weddings and civil ceremonies and a number of couples have had professional photo shoots here because it simply oozes romance and peace.

Bradfield Park

Located right by the Harbour Bridge, this park gives great views of your location while also providing a wonderful place for a picnic. Here the beauty of nature and the city come together. Indulge in delicious food on the lush green grass with views of the Opera House and watch boats float past.

When you are ready to move on, why not try the Bradfield Park Heritage Walk? Learn more about the history of Milsons Point and the surrounding area. Along the walk, you and your partner can read signs that tell of the history through stories and pictures. After having walked in the same places of historical figures, you’ll leave with a head full of knowledge about the original Aboriginal habitation, the British settlement and the building of the Harbour Bridge and how it changed the area.

Wendy’s Secret Garden

In Lavender Bay is the beautiful slice of paradise known as Wendy’s Secret Garden. Wendy Whiteley, wife of Sydney artist Brett Whiteley and an artist in her own right, decided to clean up and transform a patch of abandoned land near her home. With her own time and money, she cleared away the weeds, train carriage wrecks and strewn rubbish, and set about beautifying the patch of land.

She had a vision of an area filled with benches in secluded spots, quiet paths and breathtaking views of the Harbour Bridge and this is exactly what it became. The garden also contains many interesting sculptures, some regal and bearing ancient quotes, some made from recycled materials. There is also an abundance of plants, flowers and trees in the garden, including a huge fig tree. Take along some paper and pens and channel Wendy’s artistic passion beneath the trees.

Lane Cove National Park

This park, just a 20 minute drive from the city, is known for having more than 25 individual picnic spots, so you’re bound to find the perfect place to settle down with your partner. The river runs right through the middle of the park, so while you eat you’ll have views of the still waters and the lush vegetation surrounding it. You might find a new favourite spot that you want to come back to time and time again.

There are many walking trails throughout the park, so you can go for a wander post picnic. Alternatively, you can hire a boat from the Lane Cove Boatshed and take to the water. A row down the river could be the perfect finish to a perfect day.