If you are planning a long journey in your Hobart car hire, there is a lot to consider, especially if you plan on bringing your children with you.

Here are some tips to help you keep the young ones happy in the backseat, so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Take your time

When planning your route from our Launceston Airport car rental location, working out the estimated time it will take you to get from A to B, make sure you allow a bit of extra wiggle room.

Children often require more stops to keep them happy and certain locations you might make on the way might be more interesting to look at through the eyes of a child.

Pack a frisbee or a ball in the back, as these items will provide you with an easy form of exercise when you pause for a break.

Aim for a ten-minute breather every two hours as this also will give you, the driver, the chance to rest, which can help to improve your driving and prevent fatigue from setting in.

Comfortable clothes

Now, this does not just mean ensuring items are free from uncomfortable zips, buttons and tags, but that they are also appropriate for the climate.

You don’t want your child shivering in the backseat or collapsing from heat stroke! Make sure they are kept comfortable.

Plenty of liquids and nibbles

Keep your children hydrated with water to ensure they are kept healthy and happy. Giving them only water to drink while travelling means you decrease the risk of spills in the car.

Pack plenty of healthy snacks in case your children complain of hunger in the backseat.

Another useful item to have on hand is baby wipes. Even if your children are past the nappies stage, these cleaning cloths can be used to wipe messy faces, clean hands in an emergency and wipe down restaurant tables when you stop for a bite.

Entertainment options

This is the biggie! Make sure you include a wide range of activities for your children to occupy themselves with in the backseat.

Ipads loaded up with child-friendly games are a great modern tool you can use. You could even consider getting a DVD player and popping a movie on to keep them busy.

Another more old-fashioned alternative is to play family favourite roadtrip games. I-spy and 20 questions are classics for a reason!

Backseat roster

There has been many a heated argument over the seating arrangements for an extended trip in a car. Pre organising a roster ensures your children know there is no favourite amongst them and they can all have a turn in each seat. This will prevent a fight from happening.