Cairns is a beautiful city that is well-known the world over for its fabulous tropical climate. Tourism Australia has revealed that it is the fourth most popular tourist destination amongst international travellers, and we urge you to come discover its delights for yourself.

First, you’ll need to organise car hire Cairns travellers choose the first time, every time. Once that is all taken care of, there are just a few more things you will need keep in mind when driving around and enjoying the sights.

The heat

It is never a good idea to leave valuables lying around in your parked rental car when you are off exploring on foot.

In the summer months (namely November to March), Cairns can get super hot – which means anything that has the potential to melt should definitely not be left behind. This includes CDs, mobile phones and iPods – so be careful.

The speed

The speed limit in Cairns is generally 60 kilometres per hour in residential areas and 100 kilometres per hour on highways.

And while you should never exceed the speed limit, you should be particularly stringent when travelling on Pease Street, Sheridan Street, the Bruce Highway or Mulgrave Road. These are the locations of fixed speed cameras.

The wildlife

One of the most exciting aspects of Cairns – and, indeed, all of Australia – is its unique native animals. While kangaroos and bandicoots are often a majestic sight to behold, they can also be deadly if you meet them when driving on our roads. This is something you need to be particularly aware of when travelling in more remote areas.

The limit

It pays to be aware that all of Queensland has a 0.05 percent blood alcohol limit for drivers – so make sure you keep tabs on how many standard drinks you have had if you are out on the town. Nevertheless, a responsible driver will stick to fruit juices and other non-alcoholic drinks for the night.