The whole point of travelling to a new country is to experience things you can’t see and do at home.

Australia offers the savvy tourist a wide range of activities that you won’t be able to partake in anywhere else – so while you’re here, you should give the following a go!

View some native animals

Australia is home to some truly weird and wonderful creatures that you need to see before you depart. You don’t have to go traipsing around in the outback to get a look at them, either – magnificent zoos and sanctuaries abound where you can get up close and personal with these native animals.

If you’ve hired a car in Sydney, head on up to WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. It’s located in Darling Harbour, and is about a 10-minute drive from the CBD. Here, you can walk through an enclosure where kangaroos and wallabies roam  – or, should we say, hop – free. They’re used to being around people, so they’re super friendly!

You should also set some time aside for cuddling a koala. WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo actually offers a ‘Koala Breakfast,’ which allows you to enjoy a delicious meal in these creatures’ natural habitat and then get your photo taken with a koala in your arms!

Taste some native animals

There are many restaurants around the country that offer dishes featuring native animals. So, if you want a dining experience you won’t find anywhere else, you might want to locate one.

We’ve heard that The Australian Heritage Hotel, which is about a 20-minute drive in your Sydney International Airport car rental, is a great place to get some real Australian grub. Its restaurant serves kangaroo and emu in a variety of ways (as well as many other dishes that contain less exotic meats, if you prefer).

Try the Pepper Kangaroo, a pizza that’s covered in capsicum, cranberries and, of course, kangaroo marinated in delicious native pepper. If you’re feeling extra daring, the Coat of Arms pizza is covered in both kangaroo and emu – bon appetit!

Learn about native culture

If you’re in Sydney and the weather’s turned, take this opportunity to visit one of its many museums or galleries and familiarise yourself with the country’s culture. At the Art Gallery of New South Wales, for instance, you can check out the Yiribana Gallery and view Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island art.

The gallery can be found on Art Gallery Road in the heart of the city, and is absolutely free to visit. Its actually located on Cadigal land (that is, land associated with a group of Aboriginal Australians), so when you visit you’ll really be immersing yourself in history!