Every Friday leading up to the 19 December, The Rocks transforms into something bizarre … and this year it's stranger than ever. If you have a taste for the surreal, a nose for the abnormal or an an ear for the eerie, then get yourself down to The Rocks Village Bizarre on a Friday night. By hiring a car from East Coast Car Rentals, you can seek out the whole madcap goings on at The Rocks, including some of the crazy things below we thought you might enjoy.

The Gin Mill Social

The Gin Mill Social is a throwback to the Prohibition Era, where voices were kept low and shifty looks were commonplace. This bar is built from the shell of an old bank and to gain entry to this joint takes a bit of skill and quick wits, but it's all part of the experience. You'll be shown to a nondescript side door, behind which the party is really going down in the Roaring Twenties style. This isn't some dirty back street bar – traditional bands play the moody blues of the era, burlesque dancers writhe across stage and vaudeville folk add yet more authenticity to proceedings.

Etsy at the Village Bizarre Night Markets

Etsy is well known as the online marketplace to find beautiful handmade offerings such as cushions, rustic chairs and vases. Now the digital company comes into the real world, with eight stalls attributed to the site popping up at The Rocks Bizarre. The beauty of the the Etsy stalls is that you never know what you are going to get, as the stall keepers are constantly changing to ensure an eclectic mix of homely treasures. Etsy rarely manifests itself as a physical market, so it's well worth ambling on down to see what kooky goods you can find.

Behind The Windows

This is one of those awesome ideas that really epitomises the spirit of The Rocks Bizarre. Certain shopfronts throughout the area have been carefully selected to act as an impromptu stage, sandbox or television screen for an incredible array of performing talent. These aren't just run-of-the-mill shows either, as each is intricately lit, with authentic props and special effects combining to offer a memorable experience. The shows vary wildly in theme and subject matter, too, so in one window you could be watching a horror story unfold behind fog and jagged trees, but behind another you may view a romance scene playing out. Each is different, so it is recommended that you try to see them all. 

'Intrude' – A rabbit installation

No, your eyes do not deceive you and you don't need to go and see a psychiatrist – that really was a giant white rabbit peering down from the rafters at you. The rabbit, named Intrude, is a fun and friendly animal who can pop up at any time and you never know when he might show up next. He has been spotted in all corners of The Rocks, so keep an eye out for him as he bounds across the night sky.

The Rocks Pop-up

George Street is set to become a bustling arts centre over the course of The Rocks Bizarre, with several of its buildings playing host to new ideas and media, music and performance. For example, in Merchant's House, found at 43-45 George Street, you can become immersed in the 'Age Of Entitlement' where each room tells a different story, the narrative changing as you pass through the hallways and doors. Basing its premise on the themes of corruption, power and wealth, this isn't a static display as you may think, as real-life actors begin performing as soon as you enter each room, making for a unique experience.